10 Kamarbandh Jewellery/Belt You Should Check Out

Women in India have the chance to use many different types of jewelry that have a traditional approach to the importance of using various ornaments in their different arts of the body. A typical Indian woman that adorns with various kinds of ornaments in different occasions. Today, I’m going to be talking about less popular Kamarbandh jewelry that is so commonly held at any time, but is usually maintained for special occasions.

As the name suggests, Kamarbandh in Hindi is basically a waist that jewellery is typically used around the waist to give a special feel to the clothes and beautification of women in special events, such as marriage or engagement.

Here let’s get 10 different designs kamarbandh/waist of jewelry that are really beautiful and can make a lot of difference to the appearance of a woman in any festive occasion or event auspicious as the marriage.

1 project

This beautiful design is really a great piece to add uniqueness to a simple outfit and sober as saree or lehenga on your waist that is barely visible. The heavy side shows off the side and the other side is covered with the pallu.

2 project

Another beautiful Kundan work Kamarbandh is great to pair with their ethnic clothes, as suits and traditional sarees. It will be easily highlight and make your look quite unique.

3 project

You can even style of their maxi dresses or dresses with ethnic Kamarbandh and certainly becomes a fashion statement if it combines with your figure toned.

4 design

The Kamarbandh is considered an essential ornament to the bride as is your special day and all eyes are on her. The kamarbandh studded with the wedding dress certainly seems notable.

5 project

If you want to add a unique touch to your outfits go for a beautiful kamarbandh studded in any special occasion and you will certainly gain much praise of all to your surroundings. I really like the Kamarbandh Esha Deol opted to pair with your nice clothes in your Sangeet.

6 drawing

This is another beautiful design kamarbandh that will draw many eyeballs, even if your equipment is not very attractive. If you have a waist toned, so would really compliment your look to a great extent.

7 project

This belt set with simple as kamarbandh is for those beauties that have a flat stomach and waist. This can increase the glamour factor to a large extent, on any occasion.

8 project

Another wide belt of ethinc as Kamarbandh that looks really stylish and it’s going to add exclusivity to any ethnic clothing be it a dress to the floor, dress or a simple sari. It goes well with anything.

9 project

You’re wearing an outfit and not simple want to deck himself with heavy necklaces, you can simply add a kundan work such as jewelry or kamarbandh you equip and still look gorgeous without going over.

10 project

Another beautiful design kamarbandh is this with traditional gold body chain patterns. Kamarbandh also are considered precious in the family to go to women in different generations in any family. These certainly add a special touch to the clothes they wear on their special days in your life.

I hope you enjoyed these kamarbandh impressive projects will be a great option for wedding functions in the next few days.