4 Tips on How to Return the Beauty (Not Only) of Silver Jewelery

Certainly many women, but also men, in addition to gold jewelery or jewelery made of steel, some accessories of silver. Silver is very popular among the precious metals and is also used as a compound with other metals. We are today but we will not talk about its history or occurrence, but rather about how the finished product, such as a chain, clean up and return to his beauty when gray and black. However, do not go just about jewelry! Clean up in the following ways you can coin or dishes.

Tip milk

Silver back luster and color, for example, that you immerse yourself in the fermented milk. In it, leave it to “swim” about half an hour. After jewel rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry cotton cloth.


That include toothpaste only to the teeth, it is not true. There are several options, such as toothpaste use, and one of the tips is to use it for cleaning silver. The procedure is as follows: A glass of water, squeeze paste into the solution jewelery, glass, if possible, close, shake it and wants it to happen for a while. Gradually check when the jewels will return the luster and beauty. If it will seem that it takes time to add more paste.

Salt and foil

Assistance will also help začernáním silver salt and aluminum foil. In a small saucepan Prepare the water we put to boil. When cooked, pour salt into it, and place a piece of aluminum foil. Remember to happen and jewelry to be cleaned. All together hereinafter cook on low flame and check where the jewel is cleaned. If you find that nothing is happening, add more salt and certainly more tinfoil, which pulls dirt on yourself – you’ll be amazed how blacken! Finally, it is appropriate to jewel rinsed with lukewarm water to not adhere thereon salt.


Silver also apply lemon. Just a subject that you need to clean, rub with a cloth that is sucked 100% lemon juice. Then just object rinse and polish with a cotton cloth.