5 Jewels That Every Woman Needs To Have In Her Collection

Good accessories make all the difference in a look, do not they? Whether they are jewelry or joker jewelry, they change and give a special charm to any composition. Abusing them, inclusively, is one of the top fashion tips that we find out there. And when thinking about the combinations and looks, some pieces are fundamental and should be in the jewelry box of every woman.

Do you want to know what they are? We have listed for you the 5 essential jewels that every woman needs to have to give that up in the visual. Check it:

Light spot

The point of light is a basic and very charming piece that every woman needs to have. This is a joker jewelry that allows even a mix with other types of pieces, since the point of light is discreet and does not fight with any other accessory. On the contrary, it gives that extra brightness.

There are several options of this type of necklace, such as the models with the transparent cord to further highlight the point of light.Already the point may be zirconia, brilliant or even a diamond.

Pearl Earring and Necklace

Classical and timeless, pearl earrings are joking gems that help set up both a more powerful look and enhance that everyday look. It is a must-have piece in your arsenal of accessories. They also combine with party dresses and even serve to be used on the great day of the wedding by the noivinhas.

The pearl necklaces, which can easily be made with the earrings, also follow the same line: classic, timeless and very elegant.

Maxi Necklaces

Every woman should have this joker jewelry, which can be also semijoia or even costume jewelry, it does not matter. It makes the difference in whatever the production, because it is a piece that is sufficient alone. Just throw her neck and ready: your look goes from basic to spectacular in a minute.

There are maxi necklaces of all types and styles: several single-colored chains, necklaces with colored stones, coins with gypsy inspirations, among others. Abuse of this incredible piece!

Bracelet with pendants

A bracelet full of pendants is a charm, is not it? Even more so if she is of that type who can add the pendants you like best and have to do with your life and experiences. It is another important example that is among the joker jewelry that everyone should have.

Powerful Earrings

Earrings are charming, luxurious and match everything – and never leave the list of good fashion tips! A big and powerful earring, of those worn in party dresses, put on the look in a super special and enchanting way.

Always have different models and sizes in your box to greatly vary the look. They look great with more dresses, more basics and even, maybe, casual clothes like jeans and a white T-shirt.

So, did you like these fashion tips? What are the joking jewels that you would include in our list? Which of these pieces do not you leave without? Tell us about yourself! And keep following our blog for more tips and information on the world of jewelry and semi-jewels!