Achadões: the Red-Pink Selection of Simply

The days go by and my tara in combining red with pink remains steadfast and strong. So much so that the Achadões of today’s been working on this whole combination.

Yes, today the Achadões joins two hot chickens: a beautiful brand with amazing pieces in this combination that’s verging on a thing for me.Let’s start talking about the beautiful brand of today?

To simply put (what’s not to love that name?) is a brand of accessories from Pernambuco. Born in 2006 from the head of the designers Juliane Miranda and Amanda Barnes, the brand focuses on the bijoux, acrylic material that allows a huge creative freedom and the girls explore masterfully.

Each piece is produced by hand, the way we both enjoy and value here at Achadões. The result are modern and cheerful pieces that give life to the most basic commodities. And it’s not why we love a biju? There’s no better solution for those lazy days in that we only want to put a jeans and a t-shirt. Just throw a beautiful earring over the man’s look has been another.

Now that I’ve introduced the brand, bora to my favorites. And this is where my tara/obsession/almost a psychosis with pink and red. Yes, simply put you that same tune, cheeeeeia of options for people like me who don’t take the combination of the head.

I may start saying that I love the way they use and abuse of geometric shapes in incredible combinations? The Infinity Necklace (by R$72,00), for example, combines circles of different sizes, some 3D and other high, a super cool effect. Similarly, the Infinite earring (by R$64,90) is of these pieces ranging from lunch-look weekend to look godmother-wedding-of-best-friend without blinking.

Oh, looking for a little something more simple? More tiny pro day to day? The earring Sara Baras (that up here in the shape of Roses by R$52,90) is pure simplicity with many touches of beauty.

More beauties “red and pink? I think I’m going to put together a football team just to do the uniform with this combination–the Red-pink.While this day is not enough, take another pasting muso balls. This one below is the La Movida, by R$63,90.

Still here, Santa Isabel Theatre earrings come out for R$59,90 and the ring of the crossroads Market, by R$42,90.

To finish, we have my earring Danza by R$33,90, my favorite of all, just by being that middle of the road, not too big, not too small, just enough to be able to use every single day. There’s also the ring tie me (us, love/am these names of bijoux) by R$ 26.94 and Paste muso/rock block Barcelona for R$46,24. I’m just thinking those prices well into account?

Jojô, but this tag only has red-pink biju? No, my people! Have biju of everythin’! A more beautiful and different than the other. Forgive my tara, but as in Achadões I choose my favorite parts of the moment, we ended up getting a little mono. My tip? Get in there on the site simplyto tweak all the beautiful creations of these girls. And follow the Urges, too, huh? Bora morale to Brazilian brands wonderful?