Apres Ski, The Jewelry That You Should Give to MOM on Her Day

We met in a dark place, without windows, full of people who moved from here to there in a hurry, screaming and with stress – aka Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid – common denominator, however there were, the creations of Après Ski as a breath of fresh air. And I fell in love, Yes, I fell suddenly, as he had never before done and how I have been doing it in each one of the brand’s new collections, Spring-summer 2014 inclusive.

Mothers are the most magical people that exist, they have a supernatural ability to guess what you have done, where and with whom, worthy of the CIA skills and an extraordinary facility to give affection, for that and much more, they deserve is not one if not 365 days of the mother, but as this is not possible it will be to make mother’s day a little more special , and what better way than with? a loaded with personality and originality gift as necklaces and bracelets of Après Ski?

Après Ski, for those who you’ve never heard of it is the brand of accessories of Lucia Vergara, Designer based in Barcelona which after working for Lydia Delgado and Ailanto decided to chart his own path. A road full of motifs taken from the fauna, flora and the universe contained in their creations.

If you are looking for a special and unique piece to the Mother’s day, do not hesitate, Après Ski.