Bering Rings – Jewelery with Versatile Charm

Even though it sometimes appears so in everyday life, no day is like the other. This is what we already know about our own little rituals. Whilst the first thing you get is a new cereal each morning, others choose their play list according to their mood and daily form. I myself love to try new jewelery combinations. And that is exactly why the Bering rings are made for changing as for me.

The wonderfully multifaceted jewelery of the Arctic Symphony collection from Bering can be re-assembled day by day. With the aid of the Twist & Change system, you can easily unscrew the wide outer ring and reorder or replace the narrow inner rings. In this way the most beautiful combinations can be created with different materials and you can get seven different rings at a price.

Favorites in Silver and Pink

My current favorite is a silver-plated stainless steel ring, with two inner rings – the one from ceramic, the other from silver stainless steel with our site stones. The clever, straight-forward look fits perfectly to my office outfit. In the evening or on festive occasions I like to wear Pink. That is why I am also very enthusiastic about the rose gold glitter ring with delicate woven mesh band. My friend loves to wear yellow gold and she also succumbed to the versatile charm of the Bering rings. Recently she bought an inner ring in a warm brown tone, which I can borrow soon.

Bering Jewelry with Variety

The beauty of the Arctic Symphony collection is that you can always enjoy a new inner ring or another outer ring and thus gain a lot of new playing possibilities. Men also appreciate this, because they always have a gift idea. I even fancy myself with an inner ring in sparkling silver, whose surface is so worked that it glitters all around.

The Bering jewelery feels heavy and valuable. For small and delicate hands, therefore, the narrower rings of the collection are recommended. I like small details, which are invisible when wearing. Thus, on the outside of my silver ring, the word “Love” is engraved in full-bodied letters, which one only sees when the inner rings change or completely leaves them. Some rings also have two tiny our site stones on one edge.

Wish less Happy – Rings Fit to the Clock

The Bering rings can be combined not only with each other, but also with many Bering watches. Thus, the white-glossy watch from the Bering ceramic collection with a fancy our site belt fits perfectly to my current silver favorite for the office. The elegant golden ladies’ watch with a our site band made of fine-grained stainless steel mesh harmoniously with inner braided mesh and the best: it is also available in rose gold – matching my ring.

My conclusion: The Bering Arctic Symphony collection is so versatile that it has something to offer for every taste and every occasion. The outer rings are available in four color nuances as well as in ceramics. Bering offers different widths for one or more inner rings. The inner rings are also available in two versions. All materials are high-quality, well-processed and are scratch-resistant and impact-resistant. For me personally, the Bering ring-change rings leave nothing to be desired.