Carol Pike Semi Jewels: Female Entrepreneurship

You’ve noticed how many new stores/companies that have opened lately and that most are run by women? Female entrepreneurship is growing increasingly. Long gone the time when a woman’s place was at home looking after the children and the housework. Nowadays everyone wants to have its own green, able to sustain themselves, buy whatever you want without relying on her husband, anyway, want to enrich their lives with a career and financial independence. Alive women … we are increasingly unstoppable. So it is with immense joy that we want to present to you today the Carol Lucius Semi Jewels, the newest semi store jewelry and accessories of Campo Grande (MS), achieving a dream conceived by two women, mother and daughter: Maria Angela Correa and Carolina Lucius.

It all started as a hobby, when the lawyer Carol Lucius decided to sell jewelry semi for the friends. Over time your “blood of dealer” spoke louder, she abandoned the profession of law and decided to dive head-first in the sale of accessories. For more than nine years in view of their customers at home, with an audience already won, now Carol Lucius – in partnership with the mother-felt the need to open the shop and expand your business. We are friends of Carol for many years, we are following since the beginning of her effort and we can only say one thing: she deserves every success! The Carol Lucius Semi Jewels was a luxooo, super cozy space, beautiful decoration, the result of a wonderful work of architects Juliana Viganó and Ana Teresa Medeiros. We were in love … all very tasteful! In the shop you find jewelry with varied prices semi (very cheap parts), with basic options for day to day or even an accessory more chic and glamorous. Worth checking out! On the afternoon of Thursday (23/05) was the opening of the new space and the store was packed with customers who were honoring the newest entrepreneurs of Campo Grande. Is that we don’t waste time sure and went running check the news!