Color Floral Pink Peyote Cuff by Good Quill Hunting

Ireally do not like peyote bracelets so much, but the pattern”Color Floral Pink Peyote Cuff” by Christina Neid from Good Quill Hunting had done it to meimmediately, when I bought it some time ago (no idea how long ago ago). Then it was sleeping in the depths of my hard drive until I had discovered it before Christmas in Anna in Regensburg. Color Floral Pink Peyote Cuff by Good Quill Hunting 1And as luck would have it, Anna had all the colors in stock and I had the matching cardigan too…It was supposed to be somehow. I have only threaded after the collection of the colors and not after the picture. For that I masking tape glued to my thread mat and then written the markings of the colors and then assigned the corresponding Delicas. So the bracelet was easy to thread. The bracelet is 46 mm wide and in the width I have found no suitable fastener. So I had to improvise something. I have inserted 2 of the small magnet closures with 15/0 seed beads. The one side I decorated with 4mm Swarovski Bicones and the other side threading. The bracelet closes so completely.Color Floral Pink Peyote Cuff by Good Quill Hunting 2

Normally I do not like peyote bracelets did much, but the pattern” Color Floral Pink Peyote Cuff” designed by Christina Neid of Good Quill Hunting what one did I immediately loved.I do not know how long ago I bought it from her, but since then it was “slumbering” between all the other patterns on my hard disk. I rediscovered it before Christmas when I visitedAnna in Regensburg. And as a fate would have it all. This was destiny. I just used the characters of the pattern and not the picture for threading. To make it simpler I use masking tape on my beading mat with the characters and numbers on it. I have not found a 46 mm wide clasp and because of that. I created a bezel for 2 magnetic clasps with seed beads size 15/0. On one side of the bracelet I used 4mm Swarovski Bicones for embellishment and the other side I threaded back-to-back. The clasp now closes without a gap.Color Floral Pink Peyote Cuff by Good Quill Hunting 3