Color Shifts Are the Spring Trend in Fashion and Decoration

Where do they go, all the beautiful colors?Finally, the spring is here, sometimes the days are still a little cool and a short time later you already feel a breath of summer.And exactly, the whole great colors run towards the spring, catch him and hold him for us.Because these colors also remind us on dull days that now the time of colorful flowers and laughing sunbeams begins.And right now, the first colorful colors are luring, but not just in the garden or in the park.Also t-shirt, bag and co. Do not have to hide.They can be seen in their new color pattern.

Mint green and pink in duet

Color gradients now show themselves in absolute harmony.It is not the harsh colors that attract attention.Even if there are of course one or the other exception.Pastel tones are in the majority when it comes to presenting flowing color sequences stylishly.And in doing so, they adapt themselves to the tender appearance of spring.As if they were just waking from the winter sleep.At the same time they remind us of the Ombré look, which so far only adorned our hair.A good proof that the limits of fashion and lifestyle can be blurred very easily and verbatim.

Color traces can now be found in delicate pastel nuances such as mint green, baby pink, light orange, lilac or delicate blue.And they are sometimes combined with more intense colors such as jeans blue or a flashy pink.This season you can choose between two variants: color sequences, in which the color slowly runs out, becomes weaker and goes step by step into the white.Or you are looking for a part in which two or more colors are combined with each other in color.The differences between the colors never appear hard due to the weakening pattern and give a coherent combination.For example, you’ll find blouses or shirts that combine two more powerful colors with a light nuance or pure white.That looks really great.And the best thing: the trend captures almost everything you can wear on the body this season.And at the same time beautiful decorations or home textiles such as bed linen and towels.Surprised yourself and be prepared for this color experiment!

How can I style color sequences?

It’s not that hard to paint with color transitions.You can simply do nothing wrong.The fact that most parts are printed with discreet and similar colors are almost self-explanatory.Delicate greens fit to pieces in pink or light lilac as well as to fashion or accessories in bright orange or a cheerful laughing tone.

Or you can decorate yourself only with a piece of clothing or accessory in color-style style. Best duet partners are other bright garments, ideal would be white or a cremeton on shirts or tops. But the classic blue jeans are also good for combining. In the shoes you can pick up – as usual – a hue of the outfit or choose again models with beautiful color traces. Because even before shoes, this trend does not stop. Why, finally, looks great. Finally, choose the matching accessories, such as necklaces or earrings and the outfit stands from Extrareference. Now you are in real competition with the spring.