Configure the Inner-Outer Ring

Welcome to our first configurator post 2013! Today, we look at how to configure an “inner-outer ring” by means of a horizontal division, ie, the inner side of the ring is entirely independent of the outer side. We start with a simple ring of 123gold MyStyle:

Sample ring of 123gold MyStyle

First, I will configure the stone pattern.To do this, I select the first stone-spacing “Distributed to the circumference”in the menu item Steingruppe # 1.Now I can change the stone number.I want three stones in the size of 0.030 ct.The version I put on hand-blended.

In the overview, I now change the width and height of the ring to 6.00 width and 2.00 height.In this case, it is important not to adjust the size of the stone with the width, as the Configurator suggests.I choose “No, leave the room size”.

Now I change the ring profile to AA:

In order to create the inner-outer separation, I go to the left menu to split and then to “Add disc” below.I want a horizontal separation.Then we go back to the overview.

Here I can now personalize the interior and exterior of the ring, change colors and surfaces!I change in the color of white on red and outside the surface of polished on longitudinal matte.In addition, I would have my ring gladly some high-quality umd choose with the fine content of gold 585/- and rose gold 585/-.

So the rings look like a pair!Attention, down there is still more …

… we can with a few simple changes these rings optically completely change, but the interior-exterior division retained.

First, I delete the existing stone cover and make the ring optically slimmer by setting the width to 5.00mm and the height to 1.40mm.

After changing the color of the inner ring from red to yellow, go to the new stone trim.In the Steinbesatz, I add the blanks to 0,008 with “Open Steinbibliothek”.Then I click on edit in group # 1.

Here I make the following changes:

Barrel:Blend in line
Stone quality:fine white with small inclusions

And so the finished ring pair looks like!