Cufflinks: a Key Accessory for the Groom’s Look!

Much is said about color, material and trim of the groom’s suit. And not that this is wrong – on the contrary, it really is the main part of the whole production. Still, one must reserve a space to think about a very important accessory, which will finish off the look and most important of all: leave it with the face of who is going to climb to the altar, not a simple guest.

If you thought about the cufflinks, you got it right! It is true that many people never hear of these pieces until they look for their wedding dress, but trust: they make all the difference.

What Is?

Considered a symbol of elegance and masculine sophistication, cufflinks are nothing more than cufflinks. That is: its practical utility is to hold the handle of a social shirt to keep it flawless. Usually used with the French handle, also known as double handle.

While some still find cufflinks a thing of the past, they can complete the masculine look with style! You can find several models from the traditional to the more daring and personalized!

You can find companies that make cufflinks with monograms and designs!

It pays to invest in the details for the groom too!

But How To Use Them?

For the more casual, casual types you prefer shirts with simple cuffs. Ideal for weddings during the day, they can be worn in jeans, with or without a jacket.

For the more traditional models, it must be accompanied by a double cuffed shirt, in addition to the complete suit.