Damma By Daniel Mafra Launches Jewelry Line

The Damma mark that has the front of Santa Catarina’s Manager Daniel Mafra, extends your product mix and your first line of jewelry, the Love Collection by Damma.

Following the young designer’s DNA, the collection brings a lot of passion of Daniel by luxury accessories and has inspired love. In total, are 20 models in 18 k gold with modeling, current lines and shapes based on elements of the young universe and hypster, perfect for lovers of maxi compositions and who like to mix pieces from the same collection among themselves.

In them, love is portrayed in several ways, among couples, between Nations and lovers of summer, with elements such as hearts, arrows and inspirational phrases. “It’s a collection that appears in a very delicate moment for our society, I believe that love is a feeling vital in times of crisis and lack of optimism,” says the entrepreneur, who developed the jewelry and oversaw the entire manufacturing process.

Launch In FlorianÓPolis

To celebrate the launch of the Love Collection by Damma, Daniel Mafra received guests exclusive dinner signed by chefs Hugh Olaechea & Sara Sanchez at Donna, sophisticated space in Jurerê Internacional on Saturday, 04/06. The sound of DJ Fernanda Riffel, the guests gave the brand creations.