Discover Romantic Gold Jewelery from Lesvar at Schmuckladen.De

We always get new and enchanting pieces of jewelery that will give us an “Ah” and “Oh” and a “I must have”. So also with the jewelry of Lesvar, which you can find since the summer on Now you can discover new pieces of jewelry from our talented designer. Because in the current autumn and winter collection you expect delicate colors and golden elements. But just see for yourself.

1. Christmas gift idea: Delicate gold chains of Lesvar

Jewelery from Lesvar leaves a lasting impression, be it through the sparkling Swarovski elements, the cleverly chosen color combinations or interesting materials. While in the summer the collection was still talking with strong colors, it is now the delicate, soft elements that are in focus.
Discover delicate gold chains , all with a small pendant. Partially in gold, like the necklace “Tree of Life” or “magic pen”. Or just with pastel colors that remind you of the cool accents of winter. You can find these simple, yet effective ink dyes in the chains “Winterblume” or “Leaf”. All the names that invite you to dream. Very typical of Lesvar jewelery, where every detail is carried through with love. Delicate designs show up in the form of flowers, feathers, leaves and trees. All the elements of nature with which we feel connected. The chain “For your” with gold-plated lace loop embroiders again clearly.
However, these chains do not only do well in autumn and winter.For I am sure they will become a faithful companion for you, as beautiful as they are.

2. Golden earrings by Lesvar

Without earrings, many women do not even leave the house. Is that familiar to you? It is only comprehensible that the latest collection of Lesvar also contains delicate earrings. These were designed in addition to the newest chains, together with them form a great jewelry set. But what does not mean that you can not wear them individually or combine them with other jewelery pieces.
The earrings also carry imaginative names such as “Schneeblume”, “Winterblume” or “Wintergold”. Depending on the design, you can wear them as earrings or as ear plugs . The shimmering colors of the jewelery harmoniously harmonize with the gold. And just now, when candlelight and string lights unfold their own magic, they really sparkle.
These earrings flatter any complexion. If you have long hair, just tie it back loosely. After all, nothing should stop you from looking at your new jewelery.