Discover The Meaning Of Each Sign’s Stone

The stones are used by many people as amulet because they are capable of transmitting energy and each one has a specific meaning. What not everyone knows is that there is a stone of each sign, that is, it is possible to define the best stone to use according to your zodiac sign, which refers to the time of your birth.

Each of these stones has a specific magnetic field and transmits a different kind of energy. Some are stimulants, others are soothing and others promote harmony of body and mind. These characteristics line up with each sign and the stones balance the energies of those who use them.

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The Stone Of Each Sign And Its Meaning


It is a stimulating energy stone for motivation and help in the affairs of love, including self-love. It benefits the heart and circulatory system. It is the stone of the sign of Aries.


Provides physical, emotional and mental balance. It also provides inspiration and relaxation, providing patience. The emerald is the amulet of the bulls.

Lapis Lazuli

Powerful stone to amplify thought and assist in aligning the elements of mind and body. It is also good for purifying blood and boosting the immune system. It is the geminians stone.


Attached directly to the mind, the stone increases memory capacity, soothes the nervous system and produces more concentration and balance. The amethyst is the stone of the signs of Cancer and Aquarius.


Excellent for relaxation and comfort, it is a stone that recharges and increases the level of energy of those who use it. It also calms the nervous system and decreases tension. Leonids and Sagittarians must enjoy this stone.


The turquoise, stone of the Virgos, is stimulating for the elevation of goals and understanding. Helps to distinguish how things work and can facilitate communication, as well as making the user more attuned to others.


Stone of the Librans, Opal is associated with intuition. The stone can intensify the cosmic consciousness and produce joy and creativity.

Sea Water

Calms the mind, reduces stress and fear, increases creativity, sharpens intuition, and clarifies perception. It is the amulet of the signs of Pisces and Scorpio.


For Capricorns, the amulet is the Sapphire. Tranquilizing, it’s a stone that distracts from distraction and negativity. It favors the alignment of the physical, mental and spiritual planes.

How To Use The Stone

For a stone to serve as an amulet, a person must always carry it with him. A great way to do this is to put it in a ring , because nothing better than parading a beautiful jewel and still enjoy the energy that the stone transmits.In addition, rings with natural stones never go out of style and value any look!