Elements of Emotion – Configure Magnetic Rings

Not only the unique wedding rings and jewelry rings from 123gold, but also the unique magnetic rings of the high-quality jewelery element Elements of Emotion can be individually arranged according to the wishes of our customers!

With Elements of Emotion, a unique magnet system ensures that the individual ring discs can be combined into a single ring – always new!Sparkling diamonds, rubies and sapphires can be combined with the edge and filling elements in a variety of colors and alloys to form a very personal wedding or jewelry ring.Here are some examples of ring creations at Elements of Emotion.

With Elements of Emotion, you can start with an empty configurator and completely assemble the individual ring elements freely.The other option is to change an already assembled ring in the configurator according to your own wishes, to exchange and / or add or remove ring elements.

In the Configurator, you can choose between edge elements, filling elements and stone elements.Drag and drop the elements into the Configurator.First, a boundary element must be selected.Unused elements can be stored in the lower area.This makes it easy to try out different designs and combinations.

Drag and Drop: To do this, the ring element is clicked, moved to the desired position with the left mouse button pressed down, and the position of the element is set by releasing the mute key.

The properties of the ring element (material, color, width) can be set with the brush next to the element.

Here is an example of a freely combined ring in yellow gold with two marginal elements, two stones elements (rubies and sapphires) and a filling element with hummingbird laser engraving.

Alternatively, a ring can be selected among the navigation elements of wedding rings, engagement rings or jewelery rings and can be edited in the configurator if required.Here, the basic color is fixed for the jewelry ring “Blossom” – all elements in the configurator can, of course, be replaced at will.

After I have selected a theme and clicked Edit in the next detail window, I can change the default ring in the Configurator.In the detailed view the structure of the ring is very good.

Here, I replaced the stainless steel elements with elements of red gold.Since I can buy all the elements separately, I can change my ring anytime and anywhere by adjusting the two additional border elements in a different color.

Have fun creating and re-creating the Elements of Emotion jewelry!By the way: With Elements of Emotion, Engagement Ring and Trauring merge perfectly into a ring, as here: