Emerald Of Cartagena: What’s Not To Love?

Helloo peoplee!! You know that I love to talk about things I know my readers will love it. And today could not be different. Have you ever heard of emeralds of Cartagena? Divas as Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie venerated the gem for your sophistication and nobility. The emeralds are unique pieces and with a distinctive green.I will tell a little about this fascinating stone.

The Colombia is world famous for its emeralds, considered cultural heritage. Are the largest exporters in the world and responsible for 55% of world production. The gems stand out by your quality and green is considered pure because of the traces of the element chromium. The high-quality emeralds are rare and may be higher than the price of a diamond with the same weight.

Are one of the most coveted in the world and by your color alive causes us to be really in love with them. A single green, striking and really beautiful. That will leave that basic look you need a pinch of color, amazing! Well folks, now let’s work a little longer to leave our current account more fatty!