Floral Trend Stars Novelties Of The Bendita Accessories

Women’s closet classics, flowers represent femininity and delicacy. For the Spring / Summer season 2017, the trend gains a new proposal between the launches of Bendita, taking on daring tones and differentiated volumes. The accessories are developed with plastic resin of high resistance and vacuum metallization that does not peel, besides they do not possess heavy metals harmful to the health, avoiding possible contaminations.

The profusion of flowers in evidence on necklaces, bracelets and earrings brings to the surface the three-dimensional effect, valuing combinations of contrasting tones. The duo Rose Quartz and Azul Serenity – voted by the Pantone Institute among the main pigments of the season – stars in the compositions that bear the name Mix Cotton Candy, evoking the balance between a warm rose and a cool blue and cool tone.

Reverting elements of nature and organic, light and feminine forms, the brand also presents harmony between nuances like Raspberry, Peach, Amora and Blueberry. In addition, the silver and rosé metallic ones stand out, giving a glamorous and imposing atmosphere to the launches, with the addition of rhinestones applications.