Friday Aficionado: African Jewelery for First Ladies

After the American First Lady Michelle Obama wore a necklace of St. Erasmus at the White House office in 2009 , the website of the young South African jewelry designer, who had not yet known, collapsed and the chain was sold out in a very short time.

“Since Mrs. O wore one of my necklaces,” says the busy designer Pieter Erasmus.His jewelery label St. Erasmus stands for high-quality, African-inspired fashion jewelry made of brass, fabric, wire and glass, produced using traditional artistic production techniques.You can wear it not only for the evening dress, but also for the casual blouse-jeans look.Friday Aficionado: African Jewelery for First Ladies 1

Edgy London, stylish Paris or exotic India

The roots of St. Erasmus lie in Africa.Pieter Louis Erasmus, who was born in South Africa, first worked for Erickson Beamon, another Michelle Obama favorite, before becoming self-employed in 2005 with his own label.The designer, who now lives in New Delhi, is inspired by the textures of the African landscape, the colors and patterns that the population carries.Depending on the collection, he mixes this style with the look of edgy London, stylish Paris or exotic India.For his current collection, brass, wire and glass were used.According to Barblejewelry, a fine, metallic, gold and silver crochet yarn, which is normally used for Indian clothing, is decorated with Swarovski crystals, large necklaces, cocktail rings, bracelets and earrings.Very chic and still everyday!Friday Aficionado: African Jewelery for First Ladies 2

In the middle of these pretty bracelets, a metallic sparkling flower was created from numerous jewelery stones
This pompous necklace by Erasmus with floral motif is made of brass and fabric

Glass stones in cabochon cut are intertwined with delicate golden yarn threads to create an elegant bouquet in the current collection/Credits:Silberschmuck at ValmanoFriday Aficionado: African Jewelery for First Ladies 3