Friday Matchmaker (Sunday): Headpieces

When the sixth Matchmaker back on Sunday, one has to understand the chaos that is life. But, to compensate for the recess of the sixth and the delay of your back for the first person, here’s a nice post and caprichadão. The subject (conveniently) is something that I’m just trying to solve at the time (actually, finally, my search came to an end last week, super by chance, but we will talk about this in more details there in February).

I swear I thought choosing the prop to head one of the hardest things to choose from the entire marriage. Especially because, when we choose the dress, not even thinking about what to wear on your head. As it is, of course, on the one hand, it facilitates the process, after all, the dress “dictates” a lot of what will be the hair, on the other hand, he restricts and, often, what you had in mind to head combines both with what you imagine pro dress (I confess I’m talking about me).

So, my first tip for you who’s looking for a prop head pro wedding is: always keep the dress in mind (and, if possible, in hand, to prove together). Especially, because the prop head has almost the same importance when the dress in time to set the style as your bride.

I had already decided from the outset that I didn’t want to wear a veil and wreath that traditional way. I consider myself a good bride to frentex (beach wedding, without Church, etc), so wanted something in his head that would reflect that, none of that classic scene of the groom lifting the veil. So, all my research of props was head in the direction of these less traditional options. And, today, exceptionally in our Sunday Matchmaker, I decided to share with you the categories that I found and entered in my hall consideration.

Category 1: Flowers

If the wedding is at the beach, we think logo on flowers in the head. Or at least I thought. Option is the most obvious and more combinante with the climate praiano. It’s romantic, bucolic and charming. But flowers is still a generic category. Can you be tails, I can be just one application out there in the coke, would you be with loose hair, a boho style, can be with all presinho as well. What you can’t deny is that it has everything to do with nature and outdoor weddings.

Category 2:

Something, so super boho. Something stripped and full of personality and, at the same time, you can be filthy chic. The tracks with appliques, has vintage face and combine with fluid dresses and with equal antiguinhos, 20 years type perfume. I think super beautiful combine the super faixinhas adorned with super natural makes for contrast. Combine with weddings of day and night.

Category 3: Tiara

For Princess brides. Calm down! You don’t have to be a fairytale princess and bufantes dresses. Need to be romantic, cute, love purinho. Nowadays, there’s all kinds of tiara, but they all carry this most romantic thing. I like, particularly, of the versions that have little Golden foliage, but, again, you can find a tiara to any taste. One important thing: all references of hairstyles with tiara hair are stuck. If you’re going to bet on a big hair loose, better invest in another prop.

Category 4: Redinha

Look vintage new there people! The nets have little bride antiguinha and are a good alternative for those who do not want to give up completely in the history of the veil. The redinha gives that air of mystery that every bride wants to have on the day of the wedding. The cool thing is that you can use in several ways as well: with maxi flowers, with more: Owen fascinator depends on your style.

Category 5: necklaces

I love brides of necklaces. The dress, the shoes, you can be on your head. I think beautiful thing of Jesus. I think cute, romantic, sweet. The cool thing is that, depending on your style, you can use a bow super soft and small, or something super dramatic, big girl and exotic that will turn the Spotlight’s look. If this is the case, I recommend a more minimalist dress not to fight and let the lace glow on their own.

Well, that’s my top 5 categories of headpieces at Simplyyellowpages.

Mine will be Lilly’s Junqueira, baby girl that made me find, in a sensational parts of it (did you know that she’s got props? I didn’t know!). Another nice option is the Tula Casqueteria, in São Paulo: young and full of good ideas and price friend (taking into account market prices matchmaker).

Jeez I’m anxious to show me to you! And all that’s missing is a little over a month! UI!