Get Inside: Meet the Ideal for Each Collar Neckline

To get the look with paste is essential to know the right way to use the accessory with the different types of necklines. Many times the fact of not knowing how to combine the paste with the dress or blouse, ends up doing with that women avoid wearing the piece. But, all this will end today!

Prepare a post filled with tips that will show you the correct way to combine the paste with the neckline. These tips will let you leave more confident, and helps enhance the shape of your body.

Meet The Ideal For Each Collar Neckline:

Square Neck

This type of neckline matches short necklaces, chokers and earrings according to The square neckline, plus beautiful is good, because democratic values various body types, since it highlights small bust and conceals large breasts.

V Neckline

If you’re going to use a blouse or dress with V-neckline, invest in necklaces with pretty central volume, with drop-shaped pendants and accompanying the shape of the neckline. Good V-neckline is that it lengthens the cervix, in addition to giving a seductive footprint to look.


This type of cleavage never goes out of style and suits for all body styles and formats. Bet on short, medium necklaces and served, with a hint of volume. Finest necklaces also look great on the look, as well as the collar style necklaces.

Strapless Blouse

The strapless blouse is also always in fashion, this model will with virtually all types of necklaces. To draw more attention to the neck, prefer a shorter necklace. But, if you do not have problems in attracting attention to the neck, bet on chokers and necklaces with stones and volume.

Cleavage Canoe

Bet on a necklace which go beyond the line of cleavage. Those who have fringes or are bulky are also a great option. Another way to enhance the body with cleavage canoe is choosing a necklace that follow the line of the neckline, the model of one or several laps meets this detail. The thin necklace with a pendent delicate too.

Gypsy Neckline

This type of cleavage is super trendy, it was trend in year 2015 and still a sweetheart. The Gypsy neckline is used with asymmetrical collar, with many details and different ways. Invest in shorter necklaces too, because as the neckline Gypsy has the rounded shape, short necklaces will give prominence to the neck.

Ready! Now just be inspired with these super cool tips. Be free to combine blouses and dresses with different kinds of necklines and abuse of styles who value your body.