Getting to Know… Eleonora Hsiung

Browsing the magazine this month Style (03/16) I came across a beautiful bracelet in a publication, and of course I don’t let pass any details and I’ve been running search about the designer of the play: Eleonora Hsiung.

The Eleanor mark Hsiung Accessories began to draw in mid-2009, as a result of the anxiety of the designer in search of new and bold ways to clothing and accessories. Best source for their creative reveries there wasn’t: she’d just spend a season in Europe and brought with it all the baggage as possible and imaginable.

Eleonora Alencastro Veiga Hsiung is graduated in law, but your vocation from an early age to the design was unequivocal. According to, after that season and a graduate Euoropeo Institute of Design, came up with the bracelet, which from the start had in your DNA to search for strong and unusual.

Time passed, the demand increased and along with the desire to professionalize the business, came to associate, the journalist Vicky Aguilar, media relations specialist and owner of an eye attuned to the beautiful and different. Together, they have released 3 collections: Tour de Force, the sea around us and Kinetic.

The inevitable national recognition came with the collection Tour de Force, in 2011, whose plays have integrated the costume of one of the major soap operas of Rede Globo.