Graduation Rings to Celebrate Step Conquered!

Everyone knows the tradition of gift giving with a ring who are graduating college, isn’t it? The class ring was created to indicate a rite of passage, that is, the completion of a critical part of the formation of someone. The most important reference we have is that it was invented by a group of students from West Point Military Academy in 1835 United States traditional. Graduates wanted to demarcate their passage not only the school, but also identify which class they were part, as a show of friendship, overcoming in common.

Are various models, colors and stones when the subject’s class ring, and is not limited only to women who are forming, no! There are wonderful male graduation rings too!

You know what the correct color and stone each course? Below is a list to get all your questions!

Sapphire (blue):Management, performing arts, plastic arts, biology, physical education, engineering, physics, mathematics, psychology, music, advertising, Marketing, chemistry, international relations, foreign trade, computer science, Astronomy, drawing Industrial, Philosophy.

Emerald (green):Biomedicine, Biochemistry, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Medicine, Nutrition, Psychology, Veterinary Clinic, Animal Science, Speech Therapy.

Amethyst (Pink):Fashion Design, Social work, geography, history, literature, theology, Pedagogy, gastronomy, library science, social sciences, tourism and hospitality.

Ruby (red):law, journalism, occupational safety technician, bailiff.

Topaz (yellow):Pharmacy and biochemistry.

Tourmaline (Pink):Accounting.

Grenade (red):dentistry.

Aquamarine (blue):Economics and Oceanography.

Let’s inspire us with amazing GRADUATION RINGS?