Handmade Jewelery Made of Concrete and Jewelry with Illustrations

Just in time for spring, Cærrí Design surprises us with a fresh spring collection for 2015, which you can now purchase at schmuckladen.de.

The new collection of Cærrí Design focuses on different components and materials which could not be more opposing. In addition to fine flowery watercolor drawings, jewelery made of robust concrete completes the new spring collection.

Jewelry made of concrete

A real eye-catcher in the new spring collection of Cærrí Design are the diamond-shaped jewelery.The earrings and necklaces are specially cast from concrete and then painted by hand.The chic little concrete pendants have a minimalist effect, but they still have a very special design.Who else has a chain made of concrete?Suitable for spring, the gray concrete diamonds are decorated with a strip of constrast in gold or coral.If you love extraordinary but wearable jewelery, the earrings and necklaces made of concrete are just the right jewel.

Jewelry in pastel tones with watercolor drawings

A contrast to the minimalist concrete pieces are Lina Bach’s playful hand-drawn illustrations.Suitable for the flowery season, Cærrí Design focuses on delicate watercolor drawings with sweet flower or feather motifs.The hand-drawn drawings appear through the watercolor technique in light pastel shades and convey the pure feeling of spring.The floral motifs are made of brass and a cabochon stone.This part of the spring collection shows Cærrí Design from his romantic side – the earrings with handmade watercolors with spring motifs are a must for every flower girl!

Jewelry with funny illustrations

Lina Bach from Cærrí Design has increasingly used illustrations in her latest collections and retains this style in her new spring collection for 2015 – but she is getting a bit brighter with the new collection with her drawings.Necklaces with bronze frames and cabochon stones are spiced up with funny drawings of unicorns or an ice cream.Contrary to her previous drawings, Cærrí Design keeps these funny statements in a simple black and white design, so the jewelery is usable for us women despite their “childish” motifs.In addition to jewelery with illustrated motifs such as fox, unicorn and ice cream, Cærrí Design also offers the necklace and matching earrings with the slogan “Yeah” – the perfect statement even without pronounced words in the new collection.

The new spring collection by Cærrí Design is versatile and offers the right jewelery for every wearer – whether it is a minmalist with concrete, playful romantic with watercolors or childlike crazy with sweet motifs in black and white.