How Colorful Comic Figures Conquer Fashion

You certainly know them all.They are the heroes of our childhood, have been revered and loved.We have always waited longingly for new comics or handbooks, invested our pocket money in countless games and accessories with Micky, Donald or Spiderman.No wonder, therefore, that even today, where we are always so grown up, we like to think back again.This piece of childhood is now easier to get back than ever before.Because the Comichelden of our childhood are back again.Today, they are classics and at the same time a current trend that is becoming more and more encompassing.Are you already in comic fever?No?Well, then I’m probably now with you.Just be surprised!

1. Fashion in comic style

Who did not dream of being a superhero to defeat all the rogues of this world?Even if it was only in a dream.And we instead of Heroes-Cape only wore our super hero sleepwear.Or as little girls just as pretty as one of the great Disney princesses or Minnie Mouse?Always wear beautiful clothes and live in a great, colorful and simply fabulous world.That was what fascinated us as a child.If then the good still defeated the evil (clearly, that had to be easy), then everything was perfect.And so it is probably also possible to explain that the comic hype today is more than ever before.Now you do not need to misrepresent the beloved comic shirt as a shirt.Comic is now officially back in. I personally like it.What do you think?Comicprints are no longer just laughing at us from the children’s department in the department store.They have become a popular element of designers.And not only that, but also for jewelery , bags, shoes and watches, we now meet a lot of Comichelden.The trend was simply born on the street and not created by the designers.They have just jumped on the trendbrowser.This is not bad, however, because we can find a lot more stylistic ideas about comics.For some time now you see more and more celebrities in more or less eye-catching comic outfits.And not just in their free time.Since comicprints have become salonable, they can also be seen on or on the red carpet.Sarah Jessica Parker even contributed Micky Mouse Ears as a headdress to the season opening of a department store.Well, this may be a bit too far.The style of other celebrities, like Kate Moss or Christina Aguilera, is more the tastes.They celebrate their love for Micky and Co. by perfecting their look with comic shirts.At least Christina Aguilera closes a circle.After all, as a child, she has moderated with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears at the Mickey Mouse Club.

2. Fashion and accessories with comic motifs

You have certainly already one or the other part with comic motifs in the cupboard. Then it’s really quick to get out and set new accents in your styling. It is important in styling with comic motifs that shirts and sweaters do not look like new. Let them see that they were worn a lot and often. And what better fits to the outfit than jeans? They are a true burnout and together with comicprints the denim look gives a styling that strongly reminds the nineties. And just absolutely is coming. If it is not so warm, the shirt is simply worn under an open jeans shirt. Or you can use a different trend part of autumn, the check shirt. Thus the overall styling is somewhat relaxed. The shirt can be quietly a number too big, gladly also in the Boyfriend style cut. The sleeves are only casually carded upwards. Now add some sneakers or ankle boots. Perfect!

Or at least almost.In general you should not exaggerate it with the Comicprints.The printed jacket and printed upper part do not usually work harmoniously.Better, you take the red thread with your accessories again.Bags, bags or cloths with the colorful motifs are a great eye-catcher and also fit perfectly to otherwise rather simple outfits.Colorful or playful jewelry is ideal for this look.He does not necessarily have comic motifs.Gold is currently experiencing a real comeback.However mostly not in the form of thick, massive chains, but rather as discreet and dreamy jewelry.Just the kind of jewelry that we women would combine to a comic outfit.Or get inspired by Minnie Maus, who likes to wear a pretty pearl necklace around his neck.This is how elegance goes.

Men are already a little bit longer the comic fever.Although, of course, the guess is that they are never really out of the comic phase.Or, they were just braver and a little more honest than we women and have shown their love for the comic open.For many of them, shirts with comicprints simply belong to it.Here is a similar combination as with the women announced: jeans and plaid shirts are currently the best partners.Or you wear the summer a bit more in the fall and combine colorful shorts or narrow jeans.Enjoy the combo-style styling!This is finally a styling, which should really be a good mood.Like a little time journey back to their own childhood.