Instagram: 3 Valuable Tips for Anyone Working With Costume Jewelry

Who is in tune with marketing for Instagram and all its benefits must have heard on Ana Tex (@anatex), Understander of first living giving tips on how to make use of Instagram to leverage your business. The Lady is very nice and charismatic (no wonder that already has 130k followers in your profile), which makes the video more light and interesting.

With efficient tips, videos are simple and practical. She recently posted a content devoted specifically to who sells or wants to promote your brand of jewelry, semijoia or jewelry on Instagram. Contrary to what many may think, it would be more of the same, what she says is very good. It’s easy to extract various ideas and start using on a daily basis.

The link to the full video is here, but we have selected 3 specific tips that are very useful:

  1. Anthropomorphize your content!In addition to posting the piece with the white background, bet on pictures with people using the accessory so that customers have no idea how he stays in the body;
  1. make videos showing how to play twinkle, how it can be used, how it can be handled and stored is also very interesting;
  1. tell the story: how it’s produced, what kind of material is used, etc.That values your product and make people understand why he’s so special (and why it costs what it costs).

In essence, the idea is to provide information to the client to avoid that your profile is purely commercial and bit flashy. “The more interesting content you give to your audience, but intimacy he will have with your brand and the easier it will be to sell the product,” says the consultant. It’s always nice to catch up when the subject is social networks for businesses. Stay tuned!