Jewelery in the Trend Color Celosia Orange

In the spring it has only been seen quite isolated, but in the summer it will surely burst: Celosia Orange.A cheerful orange, which is not too bright and contains more red than yellow color pigments.According to trend researchers, it should be a bit bigger in the spring.But somehow this plan does not seem to have been quite so.Man is just a habit bull, mostly skeptical about new things and also when something is titled as a trend, it does not have to be long.In orange it may also be due to the fact that this color is considered somewhat skeptical.Orange?No, it is too brittle, a few of you will think.Went me so too.But hey, let’s have a look at an experiment.For this orange is quite different, as initially suspected.

1. Who is jewelery in orange?

The question of who is orange is easy to answer in the area of ​​jewelery: everyone!Because unlike in fashion, you do not have to see the color selection here quite so strictly.Jewelry does not cover the body as large as fashion.And Celosia Orange is not so bright orange.Since the red content in Celosia Orange is quite high, it has a little more natural, calmer and more mature wine.In fashion, I would now point out that this color is particularly good for those of us who have a complexion that is kissed by the sun.This does not play such a big role in jewelery, however, even if you can get everything from jewelry in orange with this complexion.Jewelery in the Trend Color Celosia Orange 1

2. How to combine jewelry in orange?

Since Radiant Orchid is the color of the year, I recommend you to try these in combination with Celosia Orange.Many pieces of jewelry contain this combination already from the house.Often in the form of earrings, which are covered with striking jewelery stones.Others in the form of colliers or cocktail rings.Orange can also be combined with other warm colors.A popular combination is the double of gold and orange.Also try a variation in Ombré.This works well with small pearl, leather or cloth bracelets.Start with a bright/white bracelet and design the color with the bracelets until you finally land at Orange.And while I write these lines here, I feel like a holiday feast.Do you feel the same?

However, you should not exaggerate the handle in the color pot.Accessories and jewelry in orange, a dress in the same color is already a little too much of the good.Jewelery in Celosia Orange can also no longer work.A chain in this color, on the other hand, is a white shirt and is the eyecatcher par excellence.Jewelery in the Trend Color Celosia Orange 2

3. Jewelry and accessories in Celosia Orange

Jewelry is always available in all possible colors, no matter what color is the trend.Jewelery in orange was perhaps somewhat underrepresented at times, because we have focused our attention on other colors.For the ultimate summer feeling, jewelry in orange is, of course, a good choice.In order not to mention the whole range of orange jewelery, I simply put this chapter under the motto “summer vacation on the beach”.

While a gentle breeze is blowing around your hair, you do not want to waste your stressful everyday life, but rather dive down.This includes your styling.Of course you want to be well-styled on vacation, but do not spend hours in front of the mirror in the hotel room.This also affects the choice of jewelry.He should be easy and uncomplicated.Attributes that Orange unites in itself.A simple chain of brown leather or your gold chain, which is always your companion, catch your eye.You put them around and ask you where the orange is.Do not worry, tropical feeling comes through a cheerful necklace pendant with ornaments in orange.No glamor, just the love of accessories was the one to let you choose these jewelry.You like this leather band because it is necklace and bracelets at the same time.If it bangs at the neck, wrap it loosely around the wrist when you dive in the South Sea.In the evening at the camp fire your eyes sparkle with your ring on the finger.Every single light-emitting spark of the fire makes the small gemstones in orange on the ring much more intense.Back home, you will always remember it and dive into daydreams, if you lost your thoughts on the orange pendant.Dreamlike beautiful, this small holiday in thought.

So you did not find the right jewelry in Celosia orange for you?Or do you want to try out how this jewelery stands for you?Then I ended up with a few crafting tips for you. If a satin ribbon in a broad limbs bracelet, old fashion jewelry with a nail polish in orange to new life or gönnt glass beads in some glass painting color an extensive coloring bath.This is why old jewelry is turned into a trend jewelery by a few skillful handgrips in DIY technology.Jewelery in the Trend Color Celosia Orange 3