Jewelry Gift Boxes from Wholesaleably

If you choose to buy a gift for someone you care about, the only thing you have to do is to tick the box Gift Wrapping when you check out, so packages we gift nice in and sends it to you or directly to the recipient. If it should be sent directly to the gift recipient, you simply enter his or her name and address as an alternative delivery address. In the Memo you can leave message or write a greeting to the receiver, as what we provides will be included in the submission on a small map.

You should be aware of:

  • Order confirmation and delivery confirmation will be shipped directly to you by email. Gift recipient receives only the gift with your greeting.
  • If you so desire, we can send you a pdf file with invoice sent to you-usually with the jewellery, but of course, not when it is for the gift.
  • To you in one order can only send to one address-Alternatively you should make two orders if you also want a piece of jewelry.
  • Gift wrappers are free.

You also have the possibility to buy a jewellery box-purchased in the same way as you buy your jewelry.

If adorned with giftbox desired wrapped puts you cross for gift wrapping out of the jewelry box instead of under the selected piece of jewelry.

In this way, it is easy to make gift shopping with us-it can almost not be easier. Remember that for all purchases, there are 30 day full money back guarantee from the date the item is received. Therefore, you can feel confident buying gifts in good time, as the recipient can always return the item after receipt.

Good luck with your purchase and enjoy that happy people you care about.