Ken Brand-Gas Expands Your Production to the Streetwear with Collection and AgÊNeros Models

After the success of the first collection and the libertarian concept Bitchwear-where fit bikinis and more daring clothes, the girls of the Ken-compressor, the designer Livia Barros and your partner Janaína Azevedo, advance in production with a more streetwear and launch your new crop with parades in the Lour des Bar, held on Wednesday May 17, with performances with one of the muses of the brand, the singer Veronica, Veronica decides to die, the band that performed live while models such as the artist Leona Purple featured one of the looks.

The new collection Bolero Boreal goes deep in wet velvets hi-tech used both in bathing suits as in boleros and overalls. Bring coats and raincoats-of limited edition and numbered between 5 and 8 pieces – with 60 ‘s and seventies and visual and boreal colors. The coats, one of the passions of stylist, are structured with shoulder pads and well delineated in the body. Already the metallic are present in raincoats and are waterproof.

“In this collection we decided to deepen and go beyond the concept of swimwear that was already the first collection, which is the agenero clothes and the binary, which in our view sets are one of the forms of empowerment,” says Janaina.

About Ken-compressor

The origin of the name Ken-compressor was the pejorative word “she a Hooker, too”. Rolled a joke what the word changed of connotation and transformed into something powerful and liberating, force. “We see feminism as the demand for equity and are included in this concept every woman (the cis, trans, the sisters, the peripheral) because we always disturbed to see that the woman is taxed of honest, she a Hooker, too, is actually the one that bothers you for being authentic and glamorized.

With the pun of the name came the pun of the thread: instead of beachwear, “bitchwear”. Subvert the rules is important to Ken-gas, which raises the flag against the prevailing standards of beauty and fire: “All can be beautiful in a gold bathing suit, don’t need to be skinny. The most important thing is to subvert the word, so that no one else has the right to control our wear “. The brand has even as best man the talented Wilson Ranieri.