Knuckle Ring, the New Craze of the Summer 2016

The knuckle ring is the rings to be worn on the knuckles or on second and third phalanges and they’re definitely one of the coolest trends for summer 2016. Thin whiskers but also models wearing cuff with confidence and to give a twist to your look. Of models that are as many you want even if the single strap, silver or gold, always goes for the major. The only detail you need to cure is the manicure, which must always be, a fortiori, perfect and obviously trendy.

The summer brings with it a host of cool trends which just cannot resist. Leading figures of the hot season are usually the jewels, and the 2016 has certainly done exception. The runways were in vogue those big, especially rich chandelier and big bangle, among the stars, and not only are fashion earcuff, but from America come a new trend that is impossible to resist. Named knuckle rings, literally ‘Knuckles’ rings. They are very easy, kids, minimal but give a touch intriguing at hands and enhance the manicure, provided it is taken care of.

Get a file to give new tone to your nails, choose a nail polish color pop and slips a ring that hang on the second phalanx. Or on the third.

Or on the knuckles. In short, it colors your hands and chooses a half-ring finger because it is the latest craze of the summer 2016!

But what are the rings right? Leafing through pictures of our gallery you’ll soon realize that are primarily of whiskers, thin, very minimal, for space-saving and easy to find because wearing. Of course, where does a tendency also grows the fantasy, and knuckle rings now there are so many, that you can find online or in the best boutiques of fashion jewelry.

Among the most fashionable rings there are those that depict the symbol of infinity, one of the most appreciated by the fashionistas, and those with various triangles, diamonds and of course out there, the hearts. A touch baby for your hands? Then pick one with the bow, but if you want something closer to the style of punk, you prefer models with cross.

In many adore even the cuff ring, small bangle designed though for your fingers. Many girls worship the ethnic style and prefer instead the models with stones, such as opals and turquoise. Don’t bother to mix various types of metals, because this new craze takes no account of the gold or silver but rewards creativity and of course beautiful and manicured hands.