Meet The Different Types Of Graduation Rings

The graduation ring is a trademark of the graduates, as it is the symbol of the completion of a great stage of life. And when someone is formed, soon comes the preparations for the graduation party and along with the scholarship, comes the excitement of receiving the graduation ring, which works as proof that every sacrifice has been rewarded and symbolizes the closure of a cycle.

Spectacular graduation rings

Many parents are willing to shell out some good money to give their children their graduation party. And there are several companies that sell rings of the simplest, the most sophisticated. And depending on the type of graduation party that will be the ring needs to be the height.

Meet the different types of graduation rings

Graduation ring with 18k gold

A graduation ring of this model, is still considered simple, even being 18k gold. Plus it can be given as a gift, for a graduate with simpler style, and who does not like very expensive rings and lots of information. This type of ring is around 600 reais.

Graduation ring with 18k gold with stone the color of your Professionthe

This is ring can be considered a sophisticated model, and it does not cost less than 1000.00 reais. It’s a ring worthy of a graduate who struggled hard and see the completion of studies as a great dream come true. And that ring gets more valuable after it’s delivered at the graduation ceremony.

Men’s Graduation Ring

The 18k gold men’s graduation ring has its roughest shape, which is suitable for men, plus the beauty is the same as its importance as well. A male ring in the model quoted is coming out for 1,200 reais.

What’s new in fashion trend in graduation rings

Graduation rings in white gold are one of the novelties that we have in relation to the ring of graduation. For those who like novelty, this type of ring is the most appropriate. As this type of ring is new, its price is still considered a little high, as all new.

Ideal costume to match your graduation ring

Not only the ring lives the form, so the clothes that will be worn on the day of the graduation party must match the ring you will receive and use. For women, the ideal is to choose a beautiful dress that marks this special day. A model that values ​​your body, and that matches the stone of your ring, can be an extra charm. Have detail on the shoe used, choose a more neutral color, so as not to overshadow the brilliance of the ring and the dress. Invest in a black shoe, with it has no mistake. And lastly, choose a handbag to finish your look.

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After discovering all this, there’s no way you can not get a graduation ring, right? Access our website and choose yours!