Pearls of the Enem for You Not to Commit

Have you seen the pérolas Enem 2015? The National Examination of Secondary Education, held on October 24th and 25th, throughout Brazil, gave many funny and fun moments, which ended up becoming jokes and memes in social networks. For you not to eat these gaffes in the Enem 2016 (which happens on the 5th and 6th of November) we separate the best pearls from the Enem.

Pearls And Memes Of Enem 2015

More than 7 million people went to classrooms to do the 2015 edition of the Enem, tests that can have several uses, such as obtaining the certificate of completion of high school or entering higher education, universities that use the notes of the Enem for the selection of students.Pearls of the Enem for You Not to Commit 1

10 Gags Of Candidates Of The Enem 2015 In The Essays Of The National Exam Of The High School

1 – What Is The Relation Of Bigamy And Wagon?

2 – Aedes Egipte?

3 – Collective Illness

4 – Depredation Of Self

5 – Asphalted Railways?

6 – First Lady

7 – Energetics

8 – Together With Each Other

9 – Fish Fishing

10 – Good Morning

And even with all the seriousness that the exam requires, since it is very important for the future of many people, there are traditional games that do not forgive anyone, after all, laughing is also part of life.

The late candidates were the main victims of  the Enem 2015 memes, as they produced many funny situations (not for them who missed the opportunity to take the test, of course) in various cities of the country.

For the latecomers of Enem 2015, a hashtag on social networks was created, # ShowdosAtrasados2015, motivated by situations such as that of a 20-year-old woman who arrived at the test site in São Paulo, a few moments after the closing of the gates.Pearls of the Enem for You Not to Commit 2

She tried to get into the place anyway and ended up squeezing into the railing. He had to be taken out by security guards and even collapsed on the sidewalk. The situation ended up becoming a joke in the social networks, since the netizens did not forgive the delay of the candidate.

And it was not only this that motivated the jokes of Enem 2015. Questions covered in the tests, expectations, results, frustrations, everything became reason for the creation of memes in Facebook and other social networks

More Funny Moments From Enem 2015

Among the  funniest moments of the Enem 2015, another situation that attracted attention and laughter was the “grand style” arrival of two candidates, in the last seconds before the gates of a college in São Paulo closed.

Candidates who barely entered the Enem 2015 had to literally throw themselves on the floor to pass before the automatic door closed. The situation, recorded on video (see below), was spotted by several people, who cheered enough so that the students could get to the place of proof.Pearls of the Enem for You Not to Commit 3