Pendants: Demonstrate Your Personality With These Little Jewelry

When we choose an accessory, we do not just try to match it with the clothes we wear, do you agree? We want to show a little of our style through it – be it an earring, a ring, a bracelet or a necklace pendant. That’s right, the pendant!

To give a little more detail about who we are, but without neglecting the delicacy, the pendants are excellent allies. With them, we can give clues to our profession, our hobbies, our tastes, our loves.

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica , pendants originate from a primitive practice of using amulets or talismans around the neck. This practice dates back to the Stone Age, when the pendants consisted of objects such as teeth, stones and shells.

That is, these objects have come a long way! Nowadays, they have been obscured by the tendency of maxi-collars. But, like every timeless piece, they came back with force as an alternative to beautify our looks. So let’s find out a bit more than we can demonstrate about our personality with these little gems.


What mother does not carry in a necklace pendants that represent each of her children? The classic model can be reinvented with looser designs and with the insertion of stones, for example. Take a look at these two styles:

Profession and Hobbies

In a clear or subtle way, pendants can help demonstrate all the activities that inspire your day to day, be it your profession or the sport you most enjoy practicing. Want to see only the diversity of ideas?

For the photographers …


The pendant is a subtle way to always be close to your faith, strengthening it.From São Jorge to the crucifixes, use the one that best represents your belief!


Four-leaf clover to bring luck. Stay away from the big eye, sickness and danger.Salt coarse to give an end to the evil eye. Elephant to attract wisdom and give longevity.


But what if the idea is to use more than one pendant? How to coordinate them in the neck without losing the delicacy? Here, it is valid to mix materials and formats, abusing creativity. Fine necklaces with different lengths, with straight or round angles, of gold or stones … What counts is the coordination of the pieces. The attention should only be on the volume of the pendants, which can overlap and cause a visual confusion in the look!