Playful Jewelry: Jewelry with Owls and Swallows

With jewelry you can express your style and mood.Whether rocking or playful romantic.I was a fan of jewelery with cute animal motifs for a long time.So I had countless earrings and chains with the owls.But also a ring with a golden frog – I loved him!Simply wonderfully individual and playful.With animal jewels you can express a lot and carry your favorite bull always with you.In this first part I introduce you jewelery with owl motif and with swallow motif.

Jewelery with owl motif

The owl has been the trend animal for several years.Whether you are looking for cups, pillows, jewelery or other decorative items, you can see at least one product with an owl motif in each shop.Also I have collected a lot at home;) Even a self-made Eulenkissen graced my bed.

Accessories and jewelery with owls are available in various variations.Noble in sterling silver and discreet or playful in colorful and comic design.Whoever is particularly playful and young, can still wear a sweet ring with a colorful owl motif or earrings.However, you should be careful not to exaggerate, because the colorful jewelery is very striking.

If you choose a piece of owl in a cool sterling silver, you can simply combine this piece with your look.Just try the Owl Trend by yourself.

Jewelery with the swallow motif

In addition to the owl motif, accessories and clothing with the swallow motif shr are also required.Especially prints on shirts or cloths with the swallows can be obtained almost in every shop.Even with tattoos one finds these frequently again.There are many opinions about the meaning of the swallow.For many people the flying swallow is a symbol of freedom or hope.However, this motif also often occurs in the sea – often with a small letter in the beak as a bearer of love mail.

Swallows are a very elegant motif, which can actually be combined with anything.