Recall Some Orkut Pearls

According to Google, owner of Orkut, the social network will be canceled on September 30, 2014. Even with Google’s cancellation, users will be able to use the social network to view their data by 2016. So before everything else come to the end of time, reminisce some Orkut pearls on the holidaysort.Recall Some Orkut Pearls 1

Recall Some Orkut Pearls

Google explains that it has decided to cancel Orkut because it is having more success with YouTube, Blogger and Google+ platforms. Therefore, the company will concentrate energy and investments in these platforms. Orkut was born on January 24, 2004 and was created by Orkut Büyükkokten. Orkut, which was created in the United States, has more users in Brazil and India.

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Recall Some Orkut Pearls:

– Card Album

The person had not realized that the sticker album was sticker, but the worst thing is to put it on Orkut for everyone to see.

– Murdering Portuguese

This one decided that it was time to assassinate the Portuguese and to write everything very well (but not).

– Enigmatic Phrase

The phrase is so enigmatic that only he understood what is written.

Free Market

Yes, the person ran the city looking for a place called Free Market. Someone tells this being that Free Market is a website. The worst thing is for the creature to share this unusual experience with everyone on your Facebook.Recall Some Orkut Pearls 2

Until September 2014 Users Will Be Able To Use Orkut Normally

By the end of September this year Orkut users will be able to use their accounts normally. The person can continue entering the game application, looking at the pictures of friends, everything normal. Orkut will make a transition with Google more and this should happen very calmly.

After September 30, people will no longer be able to join Orkut, applications, APIs, and games will no longer be available, and public communities will be saved in a publicly visible Communities File so people can look at information if they need to.Recall Some Orkut Pearls 3