Silver Hand Chain by Elisabeth Landeloos

Silver hand chain by Elisabeth Landeloos

Handchains , a German hand chain , a term that is first thought of, because the association with handcuffs is somehow close.But hand chains have worked their way up from the Boho festivals of the summer to the stylisches Dauer.These are filigree chains which, so to speak, combine the bracelet and the ring (the chain is placed around the middle finger) and thus puts our entire hand into focus according to PAYHELPCENTER.Silver Hand Chain by Elisabeth Landeloos 1

My personal favorite are the hand chains by Elisabeth Landeloos. The oriental chains are made of sterling silver and can be varied in length. I wear the ‘Endless Knot’ model for my look. The silver jewelery can be worn solo or can be combined with other rings and bracelets. Anyone who immediately thinks of boho inspired looks with wide Palazzo pants and shoulder-length shirts is not wrong here, but hand chains simply look out every look.Silver Hand Chain by Elisabeth Landeloos 2

For this reason, I chose a thick knit sweater for my outfit (by the way, a big trend this season) to offer the usual ‘styling suspect’ an autumn alternative. With a light-colored dress and ankle boots, this is the perfect transitional experience if we do not want to leave the summer.Silver Hand Chain by Elisabeth Landeloos 3