The Friday Discovery: Looking for a Brooch

After I got to the promotion of my grandmother a gold-studded pearl pendant, I once again noticed how wonderful old jewelry is.It has a charm of its own and when you have it with you, the person who used to wear it is always present.My grandmother got my grandma as a gift from my grandfather many years ago.But even if you do not know the history of the jewelery, you can let your mind wander and consider who has worn the necklace, the earrings or the bracelet.I am currently mainly fascinated by fashion brooches.For some reason the jewelery with the pin leads a Schattendasein in many jewelry boxes.In doing so, you can upgrade any Ouftit.

Whether it is an eye-catching model with a large stone or a delicate dragonfly – the jewelery looks particularly beautiful on the lapel of a blazer, coat, jocker or crochet.I personally liked Kameen best and I have been looking for a while on flea markets for a nice and affordable model.Cameos are scissors cuts of mostly female persons, which stand out brightly from a dark background.In contrast to the gems, the motif protrudes like a relief from the rest of the stone.Often the cameos can be worn not only as brooches, but also as a chain pendant.On a long delicate chain and combined with a white blouse, this looks incredibly romantic and noble.Do you own old brooches?The variants above I have discovered by the way at goldsea24, an onlineshop for antique jewelery.