The Most Beautiful Jewelery Trunks in Wedding Rings

Even if most weddings are celebrated in May and June, the wedding season is by no means over.Many couples find it just beautiful not to marry in the hot summer.They love the coloring of colorful autumn leaves or the quiet elegance of a white winter wedding.For all these couples, but also for all those who love jewelry , this blog post is.Because here everything is about wedding rings.I’ll show you 5 tractive trends for the autumn and winter and who knows, maybe they’ll soon find your hand.

1. Wedding rings in the Triple Design

Triple rings are a very special eye-catcher.They impress with their curved shape, different colors and a seemingly floating design.And this particular form also now enters the wedding rings.Here everyone is at their own expense, who are looking for a different kind of love.This intertwined form is a great visual highlight, so that a stone cover is no longer necessary.Instead, as with this ring, three different colors shine in their brilliance.Here red, white and yellow gold are combined.You can get it in a 333, 585 or 750 alloy.

2. Wedding rings with stones

Wedding rings with a stone, usually a diamond, are the classic among the Eheringen.What is new, however, is the fact that many women want to have a love affair that is filled with more than one stone.This ring comes to meet them.For he is round-cast with stones, either diamonds or diamonds.This makes it less massive.The combination of the white stones and the warm yellow gold creates a colorful game.There are 24 jewels on the ring.These are sometimes convincing arguments. You can also select here, which alloy (333, 585 or 750) her preference.

3. Wedding rings in red gold

Red gold is actually an old acquaintance in the jewelery industry, but this color has recently undergone a real revival.”The debt is also a little tender rose gold.Its delicate nuances make women’s hearts beat faster and so it is not surprising that the red gold is now also more important in the wedding rings.Just like with this trauring.Here again in a much more exciting version.This is where red and white gold are combined.While the inside is polished to a high gloss finish, the exterior features a matte, textured red gold.A narrow stripe of white gold creates a slightly asymmetrical design that is also very popular at the moment.And for the necessary sparkle, 3 precious stones, optionally diamonds or diamonds.This model is again available in 3 different alloys (333, 585, 785).

4. Wedding rings with asymmetrical stone trim

Following the wish of many bridal couples, there are now often several gemstones on the trauring.And this opens up a whole new range of patterns and shapes.Because you can create many new designs with several stones.Therefore, gemstones do not have to sit only in the middle in the middle.They are allowed to “walk”.Just like this traverse with asymmetrical stone trim.Here, white gold and 32 gemstones (diamonds or diamonds) harmonize by placing the stones from the center to the edge.The ensemble in 333, 585 or 750 alloy looks so incredibly modern and noble.

5. Structured wedding rings

Structured wedding rings continue to be very popular, in autumn and winter 2014 new colors and patterns follow.Just yellow gold has a fresher and more lively effect.This is particularly well shown in the case of this herring, for example.Here, simple yellow gold (333, 585 or 750 alloy) polished with high gloss is combined with distinctive structures in white gold.Like a strand, it still winds around the mold at first, but the whole gives a very strong connection.And so it is hopefully symbolic for marriage.

You marry in autumn or winter?Then I wish you, deputy for the whole team, a wonderful wedding anniversary.With lots of autumn sun, colorful foliage, glittering snow and everything else to a successful wedding.