Time Is to Show Off Her Wrists and Hands. Dress Them with The Best Jewelry (Or Jewellery If What You Prefer)

Today I woke up with the sun shining and reminded me what lies ahead: a summer to enjoy Sun, sea and beach while our skin tanning. And that’s where we started to show Parties until now hidden as arms and legs. We must be prepared so why not start to dress our wrists and hands jewellery and as delicate gems of the season? Them, bloggers, already do it and I I’m picking up ideas When the time comes.

Was that they used to think that if wearing Watch or bracelet then I couldn’t wear rings because he saw me too charged hand, but they show us that it is not so. Bracelets of all sizes, styles and materials come together in one place. Silver, gold, leather or diverse fabrics to welcome the summer.

Will you inspire these ideas?

Photos | After DRK, Fash n chips, Collage Vintage

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