Tips For Wearing Jewelry Or Accessories in Graduations, Weddings and Important Parties

A small survey of customers Closet identified that most women care more about the dress and shoes though few engage with accessories, just using what’s in which many times are not party accessories! There is a big difference in parts of everyday life to the party, your production needs to be flawless from start to finish, so not to Miss start applying the tips I prepared for you:

The accessories and jewelry need not match each other, but need to be harmonious;

There is also no need to match the color of the clothes;

Dark stone accessories look great with neutral tones like: fendi, black ash, nudes and clear;

Translucent stones accessories (those bright as diamonds in jewelry) work as a wildcard, to any color of clothes;

Vale mix shades of bath but needs predominate the pedrarias so subtly will turn up the tone of the bath;

Nowadays there are several shades of bath as the rosé, various silver and gold varied bet on a harmony between the set is what counts;

Bet on sets and also simplifies the choice;

Compose a mix of different textures like a polished, satin or matte also can and should;

If you choose to cut more closed the better are more delicate necklaces or collars;

If you choose one-shoulder neckline just don’t use Paste, choose earrings max, well lush composing with rings, bracelets;

More open necklines asks max necklaces or minis but careful in earrings bracelets and rings must have a tune;

To use two pieces Max must have a distance between them;

Even if you like it and be part of your style of use large pieces or composition-(earring, necklace, bracelets and ring) careful not to overshadow;

Max necklaces is your choice so don’t overdo the composition he asks a lone earring as well as:

Big earrings are calling for more discrete necklaces;

Use of various jewelry must be harmonious;

Note the discreet earrings to compose ultra collars studded!.