Tips on How to Make Felt Booties with Pearls

For Mom who is waiting for a beautiful baby and wants to make her own shoes to save a buck…

So today you will learn how to produce a beautiful felt-tipped pearl with a pearl that, in addition to keeping your baby’s feet warm and protected, will leave your baby a charm.

Before you see how to make felt-toed shoes with pearl, you’d better know that you can create your P, M, and G size models, and you can make your color look better.

Now, if you want to make the shoes for resale, know that the materials are very economical and easy to do.

So let’s start…Tips on How to Make Felt Booties with Pearls 1

What Materials Will I Need?

The first step for you to start producing your models is to know what materials you need to get started.

Here they are:

Mold to make the shoe

30cm Felt Pink (or in the color you want)

Pearls for decoration.

Pink embroidery line (or the color you want)



hot glue

These are the materials you will need to make your models. Remembering that the color will go according to the one you want. Combined?Tips on How to Make Felt Booties with Pearls 2

How To Make Felt Baby Booties With Pearls

Now that we have our supplies in hand, it’s time to go make the slip.

The first thing you need to do is pick up a mold (which I’ll leave right below) and want it on top of the felt to be able to trim.

After you have done the drawing, cut out the felt and then sew and glue all the layers of the shoe so that it is ready for the ornament.

Now, just get the pearls and decorate your slipper.

Ahhh as I promised, here is the template you should use.

How To Practice Your Booties

Well, right below is a well explained video with tips on how to make felt baby shoes with pearls.
It is a video channel of M ichely Wildne r and it will serve you as a reference for more quality in their production.

3 Models Of Baby Shoes

And as always, here are 3 models that you can use as a basis for your production.

These models have been handpicked so you can have reference and be able to make LINDOOOSSS slippers.

It is very important that you do. OK?Tips on How to Make Felt Booties with Pearls 3