Trauring – Search Now Online!

Since 10.07.2015 the new Trauring-Search is available on the 123gold-page !Here you can sort our entire range of Trauring by price or brand, but also by color, alloy, special designs, etc. The intuitive search helps you to choose your perfect dream rings at 123gold.


We recommend that you first select one of the five superior categories – Overview, Price Highlights, Configurator, Design Specialties or Stoneware.These are then divided into different subcategories.For example, “Configurator” contains a selection of design elements, such as how many parts the desired ring should have, or whether a Saturn or wave joint is desired.

Current price campaigns for certain products, such as our Memoire-Aktion, can be found under price highlights.Under the category stone, rings with special stone treads or designs, such as rings with clamping fixtures or the starry sky are found.

For each selection, three (non-clickable!) Product examples are displayed.These rings as well as all other search results can be viewed, selected and configured below the search in the catalog.

Price and brand

The selection made in this way can be further refined by further restrictions on the price range and brand (in the menu to the left of the product examples).

The order of the displayed products can also be determined by popularity, price ascending or price descending.

Color and alloy

A further refinement can be made by filtering by color and alloy.

In the menu to the right of the product examples, you can select the desired shade of the rings, if necessary, restrict them to monochrome or multi-colored rings, and select the alloy as well.For example, you can display price-attractive platinum rings by limiting the price range on the left and then selecting Platinum 950 / -, Platinum 600 / – or both.

If nothing is displayed in the search results, we either have no rings that meet the search criteria, or the selection has been too much restricted in the different menus.If in doubt, we recommend that you select “All” once again and start a new search job.

We wish our customers a lot of fun with the new search function!