What Should I Consider When Buying Eheringen? – Part 2

Recently we had already answered you some important questions about the Ehering .Some questions, which we think are also very important, remained open.And of course we would like to answer these questions today.The questions and answers from Part I can be found by clicking here.What Should I Consider When Buying Eheringen? - Part 2 1

1. What versions are available in wedding dresses?

Wedding rings can have quite different frames. In most cases, however, it is the engraved frames that many couples choose. Eherings with inserted inserts are characterized by the fact that the precious stones were directly in the ferry ring. This has proven to be very practical in everyday life, because where the gemstone does not protrude, it can not be so easily scratched.
Therefore, one finds the engagement of the brace popular with the engagement rings (here the gemstone stands out and is so particularly emphasized) here hardly. Because earrings are usually worn all the time according to Philosophynearby. If there is a jaw fixture, it can happen that you get stuck more easily or the ring gets damaged.
A good solution, the advantages of the two just mentioned versions, is the frame.Here too precious stones are particularly beautifully accented, surrounded by a continuous precious metal edge.This has also proved itself in daily life.

2. Are there different forms in Eheringen?

This question appeals to the design and wearing comfort of a ring, because both are connected here. A ringing can have different forms, one speaks here also of the profile. Here one looks at the surface of a wedding ring.
The classic variant is the light outer curvature, but the ring shape is straight inside. These rings can be worn well and sit just as well at the ring finger.
Oval ring shapes are characterized by the fact that they are somewhat curved both externally and internally. They also sit well on the fingers and become more and more popular. The shape of Navette is similar. Here, too, there is a gentle curvature both inside and outside.
In addition, there are still pearls, which are kept very straight on the outside.In order to guarantee an optimal fit on the ring finger, they were also provided with a slight arch inwards.What Should I Consider When Buying Eheringen? - Part 2 2

3. Should a trauring have a matte or shiny finish?

Choose what you like immediately. Today, it is by no means the case that all the wedding rings only shine with a shiny finish. Matte surfaces are considered very modern. Diamonds are usually found particularly well in shining surfaces. Both surfaces are also skillfully combined with each other to create interesting patterns.
In general, however, shiny rings become somewhat dull with time (and by various factors).And even matte rings can have an increasingly shining surface over the years.

4. Engraving of wedding rings: What possibilities are there?

For many couples the engraving of wedding rings simply belongs to it. Gladly let the date of the wedding, the initials or a personal slogan be engraved. At Eheringen on schmuckladen.de you can see on the product details page whether an engraving is possible. Just enter your desired text into the field provided. This will make your trauring unique.
How the engraving is done varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.Long tradition has engraving by hand, but this requires a certain experience and absolute skill.There is also the proven diamond engraving and the modern laser engraving.

5. How can I clean my wedding ring?

The ferry can usually be cleaned very easily. We generally recommend a mild soapy solution, warm water and a soft, lint-free cotton cloth. Put the herring into the mild soapy solution and let it have a little effect. Then take it out, remove dirt by light pressure with a cloth or cotton swab. Now rinse it thoroughly under clear water and polish it again with a dry cloth.
Cleans the fermentation from time to time, so that contamination can not become too strong.If a very thorough cleaning of your wedding is necessary, then simply bring it to a jeweler on site.This makes the cleaning reliable for you.What Should I Consider When Buying Eheringen? - Part 2 3