The Top 10 Most Expensive Hotel Suites in the World

If you are looking for extraordinary accommodation, this is the right place for you, but it is not cheap. In the world of the rich and famous, the greenback is still the popular currency, so all prices are given in US dollars.

  1. The Royal Penthouse Suite in the President Wilson Hotel, Geneva

The 1,800-square-foot suite costs a whopping $ 67,000 a night. It offers twelve feudal bedrooms with 12 marble bathrooms and a terrace that stretches along the entire front of the hotel and offers panoramic views of Geneva, Lake Geneva and the Alps – including Mont Blanc. There is a Steinway grand piano, Bang & Olufsen sound system and exclusive works of art. Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson and Bill Gates lived here.

  1. Das Ty Warner Penthouse im Four Seasons Hotel, New York

400 square feet is $ 45,000 per night. The suite cost 50 million dollars and took seven years to build, but star architects IM Pei and Peter Marino designed everything at its finest. Japanese silk cushions, a comprehensive library, and its own art concierge. The suite offers 360 degree views of the Big Apple’s skyscrapers! Unsurpassable!

  1. Die Hilltop Estate Owner’s Accommodation im Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

This suite is 1,200 square feet and costs $ 40,000 a night. Laucala Resort offers 25 ultra-luxury villas with private beach. The Owner’s Accommodation is normally occupied by Red Bull Baron Dietrich Mateschitz, but when he is traveling it can be rented, but only by invitation. Champagne, gourmet meals, private massages, and horse rides on the beach are all included.

  1. The Penthouse Suite at the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez, Cannes, France

This suite is just 180 square meters and costs $ 37,500 a night, but this classic Art Deco hotel, opened in 1929, has the extraordinary style of a bygone era. The suite comprises two king-size bedrooms, marble bathrooms, a salon and a dining room. The suite has a 290 square meter terrace with a jacuzzi and panoramic views.

  1. The Royal Villa in the Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens

Money is said to be tight in Greece, but this suite costs $ 35,000 per square meter. On the 410 square meters there is a sundeck by the sea, two bedrooms with a fireplace and a huge marble bathroom and your own butler.

  1. Die Suite Royale im Hotel Plaza Athénée, Paris

For $ 27,000 a night there is 450 square meters of glamorous France. The newly renovated suite combines the style of the Régence period of the 18th century with the most modern high-tech amenities.

  1. The Presidential Suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Shanghai Pudong

The 788 square feet of this suite is $ 26,450 per night. It takes up almost the entire 25 floor, has 4.80 meter high rooms, its own wine bar, conference and dining rooms. The suite even has two roof gardens that offer a fantastic view of Shanghai – should the air be clear enough!

  1. The Shangri-La Suite in the Shangri-La Bosphorus Hotel, Istanbul

For $ 26,385 you get a 366 square meter suite in the hotel’s penthouse on the 6th floor. Fantastic views over the Bosporus are combined with the highest level of luxury. The toiletries come from Bulgari!

  1. The Presidential Suite in the Hotel Cala di Volpe, Porto Cervo, Italy

It costs $ 26,000 a night and offers 450 square meters of living like God in Italy. Classic, rustic interior fittings combine with absolute luxury to create a harmonious whole.

  1. The Apartment im The Connaught Hotel, London

For $ 23,500, suite number 10 is a bargain, but its 285 square meters doesn’t feel like a hotel, it feels like an art collector’s private residence! In the closets you will find designer clothes and shoes in suitable sizes! This is real luxury!

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