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The Legendary Carrie Necklace

The Carrie Necklace is a legendary piece of jewelry that is recognized by many women around the world. Nowadays, this classic piece of jewelry has reappeared and the fashion trend has once again been seen on many women. RRR Jewelry has a great variety of personal name necklaces and modern styles; a proof that a classic model stands the test of time.


ICONER CARRIE BRADSHAWName tag necklaces have been around for years. It is usually available in gold, written in beautiful writing and it existed long before the popular TV series Sex and the City. But it was not until Sara Jessica Parker wore the Carrie necklace in the TV series that her nameplate necklace became a fashion trend. Carrie Bradshaw went through many different trend styles but the necklace was always there by her side. Sex and the City fans adopted this style after Carrie started using her necklace. After twenty years, the name tag has returned and is popular again.EVERYTHING IS IN THE NAME


Fans of the TV series were devastated when Carrie dropped her beloved necklace in Paris in one of the last episodes. It was bought when she was shopping with her best friends and symbolizes her single life in New York City. The necklace was invaluable - many women got to follow Carrie and her necklace for many years. Patricia Field, who is the series' legendary clothing designer, explained that she had a shop in town where many children in the neighborhood used to wear name tag necklaces and in this way she introduced the idea to Sara. Sara loved the idea and the rest is history.


SAY MY NAMEThe series reaches out to women and new generations through Carrie's legendary fashion choices. Many continue to use their own timeless name tags and new modern styles continue to be created. After the stock on stock trend has become so popular, usually gold jewelry, name tag necklaces have become a perfect addition to your stock on stock collection. Many innovative styles have been created for the classic Carrie Necklace in gold. They are available in: initial necklaces, rosť gold or silver name tags, name tags with diamonds and necklaces in different fonts such as uppercase, Old English font or number (a new trend that many like to use is their date of birth.)SHOW WHO YOU ARE


Wearing a personal necklace is a trend that will not go away. It is not only personal, it is also a bold and expressive design. Whether you choose to bear your own name or a name of your loved one, this style will complement your everyday style. 18K Gold Plated Silver "Carrie" Style Name Necklace and 18k Gold Plated Name Necklace with Swarovski Crystal are two beautiful styles in gold. If you would prefer silver, 18K Rose Gold Plated Silver Name Necklace is also a beautiful choice that will get a lot of attention. If you like the minimal style, Little Carrie Style Name Jewelry is a perfect choice for your minimal look.

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