All_Blues Launches New Online Shop And Collection

Swedish accessoarföretaget All_Blues has had an eventful year. Collaborative collections with Acne and Matthew Miller and the fantastic response from the market, as well as fashion press. We are now launching webshop offers a number of exciting news.

For those of you not familiar with All_Blues so it consists of the duo Fredrik Nathorst and Jacob S. The focus is mainly on handmade bracelets and accessories in 925 Sterling Silver produced in Stockholm.

We took a chat with Jacob S and got the opportunity to ask some questions about the exciting development.

Hi Jacob, tell us a little about the new webshop?

It’s finally live. It has been a project that required a lot of energy and late nights. Great fun to be able to offer our products to customers from all over the country and it feels like it landed good, even if it is a bit of tinkering left. We sell new collection in silver for “Ready to wear” consisting of bracelets, rings, necklaces, pins, and chatelaines. It will also be the opportunity to order products in solid 18 k gold.

What has inspired you in the creation of the new collection?

As always, we look beyond jewelry and fashion scene when we develop new products. It’s very mixed. We create products or product groups which is based on a simple basic idea. References can be anything from the Italian architect Carlo Scarpas aesthetics to in this case, Frederick’s morföräldras old nedsmälta wedding rings.

NI introduces several new product groups, what can you tell us about those?

Last season we introduced a bunch of rings next to our bracelets and now we have added a necklace, two pins and two pieces known as chatelaines. Three new product groups that create other ways to play around a bit with jewelry. Product groups are actually not new in itself, but could probably be perceived so by many when they, hopefully, will be carried in a new context. It will be what you make of it. I myself did not carry necklaces before, but have been dancing around in it all summer.

The development of “sprezz-bracelet” in lava stones for premiumaccessoarer in silver and collaborations with Acne is very impressive. How do you see the journey you have done and where you see All the Blues in five years?

Difficult to answer but thank you very much. And we probably saw never the arm bands as “sprezz”. It all has happened organically. We have made products we like and not afraid to cut things we no longer think about. And a lot has happened by chance, mixed with hard wear. In five years, if we are to dream a little, we have opened up a few own stores and built a bunch of magic retail installations in cities around. We have a webshop that spins on good and may continue to do fun collaborations with interesting people and brands.

You launch something you decided to call Made to Measure, what is it?

It is true. We have had many customers this spring that ordered the wedding rings and the interest has been growing for solid gold bracelet. We offer our products in 18 k gold. Classic yellow, rose and white gold produced after ordering. It is possible to create products from our base models but modify the sizes, finishes, engraving, etc. We started running it now online at our webshop and the store along with Rose & Born in Stockholm.

What are your Favorites from the new collection?

As I mentioned above; the new necklace and ring from the series Carved. They are very serious in expression but still wearable. Become an interesting contrast to our classic flat bracelets and rings. Since I like the bracelet Pyramid Step which is nice for both boys and girls, a product which I hope will be as exciting if ten years today.

Under the section Made to Measure for the first time, customers can special order products from the collection in 18 k gold.

The rings from the series Carved.

The bracelet in the same series whose unique look created by carve the outside hand.

Bracelet Pyramid Step inspired by Italian architect Carlo Scarpa.

Necklace is one of the new products in the collection.

Duo of Fredrik Nathorst and Jacob S are the founders of All_Blues.