Attractions in Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas, USA: gambling, magic shows and location in the desert

The California city of Las Vegas is known for its gambling, magic shows and its location in the desert. However, it has a lot more attractions to offer than casinos and the famous magicians. In Sin City, as the city is also often called, you can experience many highlights in a very small space. The city is now a popular travel destination not only for casino fans, but also for culture and study travelers.

The most popular attractions in Las Vegas

The strip boulevard with the famous Las Vegas sign.

  • The view from the platform of the Stratosphere Tower
  • Fountains of Bellagio & Bellagio Botanical Garden
  • Ride the gondola on the Grand Canal of the Hotel Venetian
  • The Eiffel Tower in the Paris Hotel
  • Experience stars live at the Coloseum
  • Treasure Island pirates
  • The volcano from the Mirage
  • The sky of lights from the Fremont Street Experience
  • The largest gold nugget
  • Eisenhower’s classic car
  • The exhibition on gambling

The strip – miniature worlds and top-class entertainment

Many of the sights in Las Vegas are at the heart of the city, the so-called Strip. The Las Vegas Strip is a nearly 7 kilometer long section on Las Vegas Boulevard, it begins with the Las Vegas Sign. The famous sign with the inscription “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” has been at this point since 1959 and is a popular photo opportunity. The end of the strip is marked by the 356 meter high Stratosphere Tower. In the tower there is a viewing platform and a rotating restaurant as well as the opportunity to try the so-called thrill rides.

Between these two attractions lie the famous Las Vegas hotels and casinos. This includes the Bellagio, which is best known for the Fountains of Bellagio. The large water fountains were synchronized with music and light and offer a unique spectacle. The lake in front is inspired by Lake Como. The Bellagio also houses a picture exhibition with paintings by Picasso, Monet and van Gogh, as well as a botanical garden.

Another theme hotel is the Paris, it is both inside and out a copy of the city of Paris in France including the Eiffel Tower. The Venetian Hotel is also a small miniature world, here is a replica of the Rialto Bridge and on the Grand Canal you can ride a gondola like in Venice. St. Mark’s Square completes the miniature world of Venice.

The Caesars Palace represents ancient Rome. The heart of the hotel is the Roman Coliseum, where top-class stars perform. The Treasure Island is a Caribbean treasure island, in front of the hotel there is a show every evening with pirate fights on boats. The South Seas are the dominant theme in the Mirage. Inside the hotel there is a tropical garden with palm trees and orchids and an aquarium. Every evening a volcano erupts in the lagoon in front of the hotel complex. The Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden is also located on the hotel grounds. Here you can admire the animals from Siegfried and Roy’s shows, including white tigers, lions, panthers and leopards.

Downtown Las Vegas- old city center

In Downtown Las Vegas, the former city center, you can find more sights. There is the Freemontstreet Experience, a covered, car-free pedestrian zone. There are 2 million lamps in the headliner and shows with music on them are put on every night. In the Hotel Golden Nugget you can see the largest gold nugget ever found. In addition to the major attractions, some hotels also have exhibitions to offer. The Auto Collection is a temporary exhibition in the Imperial Palace Hotel, where around 300 vintage cars are presented. These include Eisenhower and Mussolini cars. Casino Legens Hall has a special exhibition dedicated to the history of gambling. Here you can find many photos and videos as well as related stories from the casinos.

Attractions in Las Vegas, USA

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