Augsburg Travel Guide

Augsburg – Bavaria at its most authentic. Augsburg, Germany is a destination for lovers of history and culture. It is easy to stop in Augsburg, for example, as a stage of a car holiday. Read Rantapallo’s city guide and plan your own holiday!


Augsburg is Bavaria at its most authentic

The third largest city in the state of Bavaria, Augsburg, is just a stone’s throw from Munich and well-connected to the rest of Germany . Augsburg is best suited for a few days of city break, but the surrounding countryside is also interesting for tourists. The location at the intersection of several important highways makes getting around easy. Augsburg has a population of about 280,000, which means that in German terms it is a medium-sized regional center.

Munich Oktoberfest go back to Augsburg

The history of Augsburg dates back well over 2,000 years. The city spent its golden age in particular from the 15th to the 17th century, when it was one of the most important economic centers in all of Europe. The importance of Augsburg is no longer so huge, but it is still one of the most important cities in Bavaria today. The prosperous background is still visible in Augsburg. In particular, the Fugger family, one of the world powers of his time, left a clear mark on the cityscape.

Although Augsburg is located inland, it boasts water here. The city’s tap water is said to be subject to Evian taxes. Other significant Augsburg has, among other things, a historically significant textile industry. Instead of viticulture, Augsburg is clearly a beer region. There are several breweries and brewery restaurants in the city, where you can get to know authentic Bavarian beer culture.

The effects of the Munich Oktoberfest go back to Augsburg. The journey to Munich is so short that during the festivities, hotels in Augsburg are crowded as some tourists end up staying here instead of the overpriced hotels in Munich. The distance is so short that getting to and from Oktoberfest is easy by train.

In Augsburg, magnolias bloom as early as April. In the fall, the warm weather continues for a long time from September to October.

The best travel time is summer

Augsburg is a great base for exploring the city. There is something to do even in winter, but in summer the city is at its most beautiful. The Bavarian summer season is long: the temperature may rise to 20 degrees in April and, correspondingly, remain as warm in October. The hottest months are from July to September.

The price level in Augsburg is similar to other German cities. Not remarkably cheap, but still affordable for a Finn’s wallet. As a shopping city, Augsburg is easy and pleasant. Everything is conveniently located in the compact center, and there is little need to travel by car or public transport.

A remarkably high percentage of Augsburg residents have a foreign background, so they are accustomed to multilingual transactions here. In Germany, even a small one gets the best service, of course, but English is a perfectly qualified language.

When doing business in Augsburg, the same is true as elsewhere in Germany: be sure to leave a tip and always keep cash with you. Cash is needed surprisingly often and it may come as a surprise to someone accustomed to card culture. Although card payments have already become more common in Germany, it is still not customary to recycle small amounts through a card. It is not always even possible: in many places the minimum card payment limit can be 5, 10 or 15 euros.



Prinzregentenplatz is one of Augsburg’s fine squares. The city’s lush parks are popular places to hang out.

Flights via Munich

The easiest way to get to Augsburg is to fly from Finland to Munich and continue your journey from there by train or rental car. The flight from Helsinki-Vantaa to Munich takes about two and a half hours. The transition from the airport to Augsburg takes about an hour and a half, depending on the traffic situation and train connections.

Flights from Helsinki to Munich typically cost around 200 to 400 euros, depending on the time. Air fares are affected not only by the holiday seasons, but also by major events in Munich, such as the Oktoberfest in the autumn, the Frühlingsfest in the spring and the year-round trade fairs. You should avoid these travel times if you want to find the cheapest airline tickets.

When traveling by train, change at Munich Central Station. The local S-Bahn train takes you from the airport to the main train station in about 45 minutes. Munich Central Station provides connections to Augsburg several times an hour until the evening. A train ticket from the airport to Augsburg costs 25-30 euros. You can buy a ticket for the whole trip already at the airport, in which case both S-Bahn and onward connections are directly on the same ticket.

Accommodation is affordable

Augsburg has a good hotel offer and options for all budgets. The hotel is right in the heart of the city center, as you can easily get around everywhere on foot. The price level is very similar both in downtown hotels and further afield, so staying longer doesn’t bring much savings, it would only make your holiday more cumbersome.

Augsburg’s traditional number one hotel is the Hotel Drei Mohren, which has been housed in a historic building since the 18th century. Drei Mohren represents the more expensive hotel category, where the room typically costs around 130-180 euros per night. The cheaper category, but still equipped with all amenities, is represented by, for example, Hotel Am Alten Park, where you can get a room for the cheapest for 70-80 euros.

An alternative to hotel accommodation in Augsburg is Airbnb-type home accommodation. Staying with a local can save you a long penny and get some useful local tips on top of the store.

Getting around Augsburg

Getting around the center of Augsburg is easy on foot. All major attractions, shopping areas and restaurant centers are located in the downtown area and are easily accessible on foot. Moving further from the center, buses and trams take you there.

One-time, daily and monthly tickets are available for the public transport network, but city cards are also available. The Augsburg City Card is called the Hotel Card and includes not only public transport, but also discounts and benefits on entrance fees to several museums and attractions. The card can be purchased at the hotel or at the tour desk at Rathausplatz 1.

It is also easy to move from one place to another by bicycle in Augsburg. Many hotels offer their guests bicycles, but there are also bicycle rentals available in the town.

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