Balearic Islands, Spain: Shopping, Nightlife, Culinary and Accommodation



Furniture, hand embroidery, hand painted ceramics, carved olive wood screens, ironwork, glassware, wickerwork made of raffia and palm leaves, handmade shoes. The Tela de Llengos (tongue fabric) typical of the island is a woven fabric made from hemp yarn in so-called ikat weaving mills. The districts of Pórtol and Sa Cabaneta in Marratxí are particularly well known for their ceramic products. Siruells are also made there, which are clay figures painted with red and green spots and were once used as promotional gifts among lovers.



Some of the nightclubs and discos have dance floors on terraces overlooking the sea. Events with dance bands and artistic performances are offered, and a variety of cinemas, theatres, concerts and art exhibitions are available to round off the entertainment programme. Magaluf, 18 km west of Palma, has an elegant casino and restaurant.



In Mallorca you should try the ensaimada (light pastry roll) and the excellent soups; in Ibiza flao, graixonere de peix, tumbet, poultry escaldums, sobresada and frit (French fries). Mayonnaise is a culinary creation from the island of Menorca. Beverages: Good wines and aromatic liqueurs are produced, such as B. Palo (from carob) and Frigola. Imported drinks are widely available.

Useful information

In Mallorca, there is an alcohol ban in Palma on Playa de Palma between Balneario 5 and 6 between 10:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.



Depending on the hotel category, the length of stay and the season, guests have to pay the Ecotasa tourist tax per day.


There are numerous campsites. Details from the Tourist Office (see addresses in the Spain chapter).

Other accommodation options

There is a youth hostel in Palma de Mallorca. Address: Costa Brava 13, E-07610 Palma de Mallorca. Tel: (971) 26 08 92. Fax: (971) 26 20 12.


Social Rules of Conduct

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in almost all public spaces. Airports, government buildings, offices, banks and hospitals are just as affected by the smoking ban as pubs, cafés and restaurants. Among entertainment venues, the only exceptions are those that do not prepare or serve food, i.e. cocktail bars and discos. In addition, smoking is prohibited on Playa de Palma. Tipping: It is customary to tip 10-15% in bars, restaurants and hotels.


Best travel time

Temperate Mediterranean climate. The constant sea breezes prevent temperatures from rising too high in summer; the winters are mild and dry. The best time to travel to the Balearic Islands is from May to October. Spring and autumn bring the most pleasant temperatures.

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Balearic Islands, Spain Nightlife

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