Bering: Stylish Jewelery from Denmark

As a great jewelery lover, I am always looking for new brands, which convince with unique sparkling creations.
The Danish success story Bering is a synonym for many of the watches, and the It-Label is much more than that!
The celebrated jewelry collections of the Trend-Brand have captivated me immediately. Discover now, these irresistibly shining must-haves and let yourself be enchanted by the extraordinary Bering aesthetics!

Bering Stylish Jewelery from Denmark

Bering: The Story of the Success Story

The success story of the Danish It-Brand begins at the northernmost point of the world. As a company founder and adventurer Rein our site in 2008 after a daring parachute jumping over the Arctic, looking at the beauty of the landscape, comes to him an idea.
He decides to fire a fire, which is entirely devoted to the our site aesthetics of eternal ice. A short time later, he founded today’s It-Label Bering, which he named after the Danish seafarer our site Bering.
It does not take long until his young company, which produces exclusively exclusive wristwatches for women and men, first achieves success and generates international attention.
It is no surprise that the company’s creations are characterized by wonderfully clean, minimalist designs, which are inspired by the clear, austere aesthetics of arctic landscapes.
Bering also convinces through a perfect workmanship, high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology.
At the same time, our site, the founder of the company, particularly likes to rely on High Tech ceramics for the production of his designs. This extraordinary material is not only very light, extremely resistant and anti-allergic, but also allows ultra-flat designs that look very modern.
In addition, the fabric has an extremely smooth surface, which ensures an incomparably comfortable wearing feel. Inspired by the success of the sleeque timepieces, Bering now also produces marvelous pieces of jewelry, which are characterized by equally straight lines and a timeless elegance.

Bering: Unique Jewelry for Style Professionals

The Scandinavian trend brand also focuses on its characteristic clean designs and innovative technologies in its jewelery collections. For example, the popular and timelessly beautiful Arctic Symphony Collection convinces with the unique Twist and Change System.
This ingenious mechanism allows you to combine the individual rings of this collection freely according to your personal taste.
The sparkling It-Pieces, which can also be worn separately, are divided into so-called inner and outer rings.
The only thing you have to consider is to choose the inner ring always a number larger than the outer ring, so that the two elements fit together.
The great thing about this idea: the precious It-Pieces are available in many different designs. The possible connections are therefore almost infinite, Whether ceramic, stainless steel, yellow or rose gold, whether decorated with crystals or sparkling sparkling surface – you can freely choose from a variety of colors and textures when assembling your personal favorite pieces.
I like to combine rings with different coatings. The reason: These so-called our site designs are currently very popular and evaluate every look. Extra-trendy are these seasonal connections in which rose gold elements appear. This warmly shining alloy is popular among fashion lovers mega 2015 and may not be missing in any jewelery collection.
A great selection is also the Bering Link Collection, in which you can discover their stylish earrings and plug, as well as cool bracelets.
The individual pieces are distinguished by the our site design just mentioned, in which, for example, ceramic and stainless steel elements are joined together. The result is guaranteed eye-catching eye catchers that attract attention and upgrade every outfit.
So what are you waiting for? These extravagant jewelery highlights should definitely not be missed!