Best Nature Hotels in the World

Do you dream of deep blue lagoons, steep mountain slopes and white sandy beaches full of palm trees? It seems as if this paradise is simply inaccessible, so isolated that this heaven on earth can only be an illusion. I found a way for you to make this dream a reality.

Naturism – free physical culture divides the nation. Naturists love the nudity, the unique feeling of swimming in the pool without annoying bathing suits, strolling along the beach and basking in the sun without a cover. Since the beginnings of nudism in the 1970s, there have been nudist clubs, campsites for naked holidays and entire stretches of beach where naturists can relax and indulge their preference for naked bathing. Cycling naked, hiking or climbing – you can do all of this in a wide variety of places, especially in Europe.

Being naked on vacation – no problem in these naturist hotels

Naturally there were and still are nudist opponents, because what sounds like an absolute feeling of freedom to some makes the naked opponents angry. They don’t want to lie on the beach with the nudists, they want demarcated areas that clearly indicate that they are in a nude area. Without a shell – but then in your own four walls or something so that you don’t necessarily stumble upon your nudist friends by mistake. In principle, however, surveys show that nudity is tolerated in moderation throughout the republic. I would like to introduce you to the best hotels for a perfect nude vacation .

Jamaica: A dedicated island for nudists

What a luxury. Jamaica , the dream island in the Caribbean, offers a real highlight for all nudist lovers in one of its high-class resorts. According to, the Couples Tower Isle Resort not only comes up with every imaginable luxury, but also with its own small private island, where being naked is expressly encouraged. On the normal beach and at the pool, however, the “clothing optional” rule (clothing optional) does not apply. So you shouldn’t take off your swimwear there. But who needs the beach at the resort when a private beach and even a small pool with its own bar are waiting for the nudists on the small private island? It couldn’t be much more exclusive.

Desire Pearl Resort & Spa – Exotic pleasure in Mexico

The name suggests that couples are welcome at the Desire Pearl Resort & Spa in Mexico. If you want, you can spend your entire vacation here without clothes. The resort pursues a simple concept: couples who want to spend an exciting time together and maybe even come into contact with other couples will find the perfect environment here. In the midst of tropical vegetation, right on the dream beach, this resort is a hot tip for open-minded couples. Sensual, exotic and sexy – this is how a stay at the Desire Pearl Resort & Spa becomes an exciting nudist experience.

Vritomartis Naturist Resort – Nude Vacation in Crete

Extensive relaxation by the pool, swimming as God created you, and of course the freedom to decide for yourself whether you want to wear bathing suits – you get all of this at the Vritomartis Naturist Resort on Crete. The Greek island is perfect for a varied holiday, but there are no naked excursions to the sights of Crete. Then after a day-long excursion it is all the nicer to let go of all your covers at the hotel pool or even on the beautiful private beach. The hotel’s Filaki nude beach is just a 10-minute walk away. Once you arrive, you can enjoy the crystal clear water here and have a really good time. There are ice-cold drinks at the beach bar and the comfortable sun loungers invite you to relax.

Hotel Natureplaya – Relaxed nudism in Mallorca

The Hotel Es Blau des Nord is one of the favorite hotels of Austrian naturist friends. The family hotel offers nudists the opportunity to relax by the small but clean hotel pool. The guests are particularly pleased with the varied half-board catering and the very hard-working and friendly service. In the garden of the hotel there are many opportunities to sunbathe without clothing and to enjoy the Mallorcan sun to the fullest. Only 2 kilometers away, guests will find the communal textile and nudist beach of Sa Cavona . Nudist beginners in particular can calmly find out how they like their nude vacation.

Monte Marina Naturist Resort – nudism in Fuerteventura

Real fans of the Canary Islands have long known that Fuerteventura is a very popular travel destination almost all year round . There is one of the best nudist hotels here – we’re talking about the 3-star Hotel Monte Marina Naturist Resort , which is close to the beach . This nudist complex is located in Jandia , more precisely on the beautiful Playa de Esquinzo . Many tourists want to be able to live out their nudity not only on the beach, of which there are some on Fuerteventura, but preferably also in the hotel complex, and this is exactly what this hotel is ideal for. Here, hotel guests even have a whirlpool in the middle of a palm garden. In addition, the beautiful sandy beach, where all naked people feel comfortable, is just 200 meters from the hotel. Sounds like a great beach holiday where you can safely leave your clothes at home!

Hylteberga Naturist Bed & Breakfast: Sweden for naturists

Since I know of course that many of you attach great importance to a beautiful landscape and don’t want to spend all your time on the beach, I have a very special hotel for you: The Hylteberga Gard Naturist Bed & Breakfast Hotel in Skurup, Sweden. This hotel is a true naturist’s paradise. Surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape, this place is ideal for simply strolling carefree and textile-free through the fields, going on horseback excursions or even playing golf. In the hotel itself, you can expect simple and beautifully furnished rooms, decorated with some flowers, as well as the hotel’s own sauna. The city center of Skurup is about 5 kilometers away and if you want to go swimming on the beach when the weather is nice, there are many nudist beaches near your hotel.

The Oriental Village – paradise for the naked in Thailand

Thailand – a travel destination that can be combined with a wonderful beach vacation and lots of sightseeing. The important city of Chiang Mai in the north of the country is a particularly popular travel destination. And that’s exactly where another great naturist hotel is located. The 3 star hotel The Oriental Village is located in a true natural paradise in the midst of mountains and rice fields – perfect for a relaxing holiday away from everyday stress. This naturist resort also has its own nudist pool and a wonderful sun terrace, from where guests have a great view of the surrounding landscape.

Club Orient Resort – beach hotel in the French West Indies

Naturists can also expect a very special experience on the enchanting island of St. Martin in the French Antilles. This is where the very well-rated FKK Hotel Club Orient Resort is located directly on the beach, which offers hotel guests not only luxurious suites, but also their own villas as accommodation. If you want, you can take advantage of the wonderful weather here to do a little water sports and, for example, go snorkeling without clothes or go paddle boats. To really switch off and recharge your batteries, guests enjoy a relaxing massage on the beach. A nude vacation that could hardly be more beautiful and relaxed.

Clover Spa & Hotel, UK – Naturist Wellness in Birmingham

The great 3.5 star Clover Spa & Hotel is located in the center of Birmingham . Here tourists have the chance to both explore the sights of the second largest city in the United Kingdom and to indulge in the beloved nudism in their free time in the hotel. Nudist tourists can simply relax on the green areas of the hotel and, if desired, enjoy muscle-relaxing massages in the hotel. A stay that is guaranteed to be good for body and soul!

The Natural Curacao – Nudist Caribbean vacation on Curacao

The Natural Curacao is a popular nudist resort in the Netherlands Antilles in the southern Caribbean. Thanks to the high location, guests, who by the way can decide for themselves whether they are naked or dressed by the pool, enjoy a wonderful view and a pleasant breeze. Colorful flowers adorn the resort, which is still the only one of its kind on Curacao, and cozy relaxation areas invite you to relax and sunbathe. Nature lovers, divers and connoisseurs who simply enjoy a relaxing holiday on Curacao away from mass tourism are particularly in good hands here want to spend. In the vicinity you will find beautiful, quiet beaches and numerous places for diving and snorkeling, but also picturesque natural areas for mountaineering and mountain biking. The only drawback: Unfortunately there is still no nudist beach on Curacao, but the guests in the resort feel all the more comfortable. But who knows, maybe a nudist area on the beach is planned in the near future.

Naturist Solaris Residence – Naturist Holidays in Croatia

Naturist Solaris Residence - Naturist Holidays in Croatia

Another naturist hotel, which this time is located in sunny Croatia, is the 3 star Hotel Naturist Solaris Residence . This nudist paradise is located on the south side of the idyllic Lanterna peninsula near Porec and is a true paradise for all textile-free holidaymakers. In addition to a breathtaking view of the sea and the surrounding oak forest, you can reach the nudist beach after a short walk or take part in the various sports and entertainment options of the hotel. For those interested in art and culture, the historic city center of Porec has a lot to offer. Beach vacation combined with a lot of relaxation and a little sightseeing – what more could you want? Book your Croatia vacation now and experience mine Croatia tips , what you shouldn’t miss on site.

Bali au Naturel – naturally naked in Bali

Bali au Naturel - naturally naked in Bali

There are also places on the beautiful island of Bali where you can shine undisturbed. This quiet hotel away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta offers its guests a luxury stay in touch with nature in the beautiful complex. Freed from all clothes, you can completely relax in a tropical environment and enjoy traditional, calm Bali. If you also want to see something during your stay at Bali au Naturel , you can take tours to the beautiful waterfalls, temples or markets of the island from the hotel.

Hotel zum Walde – naturist spa in Germany

Hotel zum Walde - naturist spa in Germany

In Germany, too, you can part with your clothes away from the official nudist beaches. In the 4-star Hotel zum Walde near the Belgian border, you can enjoy the entire hotel’s own forest spa as nature created you and you can really relax. As the name of the hotel suggests, the complex is surrounded by greenery and offers you peace and relaxation from everyday life. The nudists among you will get their money’s worth in the large spa area with various saunas and a swimming pool. You can also enjoy your snacks unclothed in the pool bistro. If that’s not enough relaxation for you, you can also explore the surrounding nature and switch off in the green.

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